Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The This and That Of My Current Life

Don't you just love June roses?

Our next-door neighbors had their whole sewer line replaced last year, their yard was all torn up with a ghastly pile of dirt afterward and a permanent pipe sticking up, even, and Robin told me (a few times) that it was all making her crazy.

That would make me crazy, too.

But now their yard is beautiful again and guess what Robin did with the pipe? She plopped a big ol' fat frog on top of it.

That, Folks, is what you call 'making lemonade from lemons'. Anytime we must live with something we don't like, we have a choice in how we react to it. Will we open our heart to receive Grace? Or will we keep worsening the situation by complaints?

 Anyway, don't you love that frog? (Excuse the chain link--I didn't want to hang over the fence with my camera and have to explain to Robin and Paul that I'm spying on them for my blog. Which, of course, I am.)

Speaking of our neighbors, they had their house painted a couple weeks ago and I think it looks amazing:

Hmm... it's looking grey on my computer but--in The Real World--their house is green.


Moving on.... A mysterious, I-never-see-him cat is killing sparrows in our yard. Six sparrows in the trash later and I'm trying not to get discouraged. sigh.


Tom and I are totally enjoying our Netflixed discs of Body of Proof. We're currently watching the second season, and well, I never notice clothes on tv, but oh my! I notice each and every outfit Dana Delany wears. Give me those clothes 12 sizes larger (or 6 if you're going by even numbers) and I think they'd look pretty spiffy on me, too. heh. 

Also, Dana has become yet one more example of a woman over 50 looking incredible with long hair.

Oh, and each Tuesday when Tom returns from work, we eat dinner in front of his computer while watching the latest episode of Longmire by way of Hulu. I totally get why Tom loves that show, but I still find it odd that I enjoy it.


Daniel the Cat learned how to open my bedroom closet door, and well, I don't want him in there. I'm trying every Dog Whisperer trick to keep him out-- so far I think it's a tie as to who is winning. :)


Naomi's visit  has been pushed back one month. But that's ok, for life here at Hobbit Cottage is sweet and Naomi is also enjoying her days in Nashville and Atlanta, too (long story)... so all is well with our souls.


And don't you just love thyme, too?  :)


Oh, and a very special thanks to those of you who left such sweet comments here and at Facebook after my last post!


Judy said...

You just gave me an idea! I could plunk down frogs on all the mole holes in my yard!
Busy summer here, haven't been around to many blogs for a bit. Can't wait to really catch up with you!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, We do have to make lemonade out of the lemons! I so love your attitude!

Anonymous said...

Love your herb garden and the Hosta too! I tried Hostas once. They went by the way of most of my other experiments... down the throats of the many neighborhood deer! Sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

Twenty three years ago when we moved here, we noticed that two of those high sewer pipes were on our front lawn. We bought a large donkey planter and the feet fit perfectly over the pipes. He was just repainted last week.