Sunday, June 02, 2013

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Well, You Know...

The herb side of me is officially complete, for this weekend I bought some sage. 

So now parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme grow in my garden and you know why that delights me, right?

You don't? Then do be sure to go here--close your eyes--and feel forty years younger.

Happy sigh.....


Which reminds me.... That song had played on my radio four years and I was eleven years old when my dad said my long hair made me look like a witch. He asked my mother to cut it--and while she did--I grieved, I seethed, I vowed to wear my hair long the second I grew up. 

And you know? Perhaps that's partly way I've nearly always worn my hair long--because I can. And because of its cut-it-myself, wash-and-go ease and the way it elongates my round-like-a-balloon face.

When I see women my age with that Marcia Brady hairstyle, I always smile. "They" (the mystery people who run this world) still lecture us that long hair dates our overall look and makes us look older, but we long-haired ladies in our 50's and 60's don't care. We're perhaps leaders of our own secret revolution--after being raised in such turbulent times, we've returned to them in this new, out-of-control century, so maybe our tresses represent thumbing our noses at those who would be king and force all women to look the same.

Any long-haired woman my age has earned that right, that freedom, and she's grown into someone comfortable within her own skin who doesn't care if others giggle about her behind her back. She left those insecure times back in the Past where she changed her look whenever her friends did or when she was told.

I'm finding this freedom place during my 50's such a pleasant place to Be.


"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."   ... Galations 5:1


My other post about long hair is here.


Did you read this incredible 'God-incidence' news story? Wow. Just wow.


Sara said...

I was just daydreaming this morning about cutting my hair LOL. Good on you that you have learned to be peaceful in your own skin. Herb gardens, by the way, there are few greater and simpler pleasures in life. I have my pot of spaghetti sauce simmering away with fresh parsley, oregano, basil, thyme...not a song but still lovely.

Anonymous said...

Bravo..long hair is lovely, when well cared for of course. I have never followed "fashion". I got a short crop in '75 when we had one small bath and three sons clambering for usage. Mom was last. I still have it and always will. Wash, 30 second blow dry and go. It's easy care and not helmet hair.
Herbs here are German parsley, rosemary, thyme and basil.


Judy said...

I went short when my hair started falling out. It wasn't so shocking, or so drain clogging, short.
I've got mint and rosemary in my backyard. And weeds. I've got weeds.

Anonymous said...

Yea, like Judy because my hair fell out, I have it short now. Not super, but short enough. I had long hair too as a teen and my dad's thing was my bangs were too long, and would make me go blind. Can you believe that? Any rate, I grew them out the same length as the rest of my shoulder length hair and then just wound some of them around behind my ears, making "bangs" dad did NOT want me to shave my legs either...but I did...heehee....used HIS razor unknown to him, for awhile...told my mom one day he could not understand why his razor blades never lasted very long anymore and for her to get him a different brand....heehee....never told him. My hubby and I have laughed and laughed about that one. My mom decided to buy me my own blades about that same time.

Your dad sounds like he came from the same part of the country as mine also thought he could beat the devil out of us...and did a downright diligent job of that too...well, we barely survived truthfully. I am sorry you were told such a thing...I imagine your hubby loved the long hair (mine sure did). You are fortunate if you have thick enough hair still to have it long!!

Blessings...Elizabeth now in WA state

Deborah Raney said...

I have a very loving and wonderful dad, but he didn't like my long hair either. My parents forced me to cut and perm my hair and I remember, at 12, writing down on my list of "things I will never do to my children" NEVER FORCE THEM TO CUT THEIR HAIR! I stuck to that, too. Boys and girls. :)

I did finally cut my long straight hair about 12 years ago. And THAT'S when I found freedom––because never before had I been able to go out in the Kansas wind without being battered by my own hair. Now, I keep it short enough that the wind can't whip it into my eyes and face. The wind hasn't bothered me nearly so much since. But I reserve the right to grow it out at ANY time!

My husband always likes my hair however it happens to be when I'm discussing changing it. "What's wrong with the way you have it now?" he'll ALWAYS ask. I think he's just afraid of change. :)

Dolores said...

Debra, I loved this post about long hair. I have had my hair short at times but I am truly a long hair girl. I have been letting it grow for the last couple of years and I like to put it in a braid. I need to find more ways to style it for the Philly summer heat. I love long hair on older women. (I'll be 58 in Sept.)

Anonymous said...

I had long hair till I was about 40. I figured I always would. My hair was naturally thin and got thinner and no longer looked as good long. I had it cut and discovered I had more natural curl than I knew. The layers now cut into my hair allowed the hair to bounce back into curls naturally. I have kept it shorter since. Not short short but above my collar. I absolutely love to see older ladies with long hair. I try to make sure I compliment them on it.

I too grow some herbs and spices. I tend to not use them as much as I love to brush against them when walking through the garden just to release the fragrance! :) Sarah