Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Just Another Mayberry Day at Hobbit Cottage...

I'm thinking some of you believe I live in a small town. 

Well, we kinda do.

Now, our former farm town was tiny--only around 1,400 brave folks who don't mind living in the middle of Nowhere. 

Tom and I, we discovered, minded.

But Hobbit Cottage sits in a town/area where 69,000 convenience-loving suburbanites dwell together. Depending upon your own experience, that number either sounds large or small or--as in my mind--medium. 

I'll be all Goldilocks and say it sounds Just Right.

Anyway, the nicest refrigerator repairman came to Hobbit Cottage this morning. Used the back door like all working folks do Back East and was cheerful, funny and about as down-home as they come. He's the type of repairman Aunt Bee would have had in Mayberry.

As he and I emptied the freezer compartment, he said he wished all of his customers used the clear plastic shoe boxes we've got in there (like drawers) because they made clearing the freezer a breeze.

The job was completed in 15 minutes and I didn't begrudge having to pay for the repair, for it's a form of giving to another's family. I even handed him a $5 tip, for Tom and I love to sow good seeds by giving extra money to workers, especially when they bring an old-fashioned sense of Mayberry along with them, making our town, our life, feel sweeter than it already does.


"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."   ... Hebrews 10:24

Life is what we make of it and how we see it...


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This morning I enjoyed this inspiring news story,

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