Sunday, October 07, 2012

Vacation Thoughts

Today I am on vacation. 

Oh, not in some exotic, sunny land. Uh, not even close. But rather, only here at Hobbit Cottage, but that's ok!  It's fine, cozy, even, with all the rain and grey outside.

I'm here reading A Corner of the Universe, even though I've a feeling it will end sadly (considering the dedication at the front), but loving the like-a-movie feeling of her words.

And remembering this movie which Tom and I saw yesterday at the theater, a film we so enjoyed (except for a few bits of language), one which made us brush away tears.

And smiling over yesterday's visit with our friends and this blog post, too, I Sat In a Coffee Shop For Three Hours, which I discovered this morning.

All is well here, as I hope it is where you are, too.



Anonymous said...

Yep, not resting, but working, hard. But tis ok. I am cleaning extra as we get ready to move so the next little lady, due to give birth in early Dec. won't have so much to do, hopefully. Putting down some pretty contact paper on cupboards and drawers...hopefully she will like it.

Hope you enjoyed the day you describe...the cold hit here about 6 PM tonight.
Elizabeth in NC

Sara said...

Love your red door, praying for Naomi's cough, appreciate your appreciation :) Although life is (too) busy at present, it is so lovely to know that I can visit you any time of the day or night and have a few moments to catch up over the picket fence that is blogland, for us at least!
Enjoy your staycation.