Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Men--The Only 'Bad Guys'?

So! I painted our front door red this morning and I just love it. Simply love it. I messed around with paint chips a bit at Home Depot, but what I grabbed and hoped would be pleasing? A quart of red oil-based paint, the just-grab-it-and-go stuff.

Now, the paint's still wet and I've got the electric woodstove running with the windows opened (for the fumes) because it decided to rain right after I began painting (of course), so I figure, a little dry air, a little moist air, eh... it will even out. :)  

And well, I know you'd like to see photos, but I want to add that door knocker (painted it green) and a wreath, so we'll all need to wait until tomorrow. You know how oil-based paint can be--it can take a lifetime to dry, especially when you used it on a rainy day. Hopefully the photo will be worth the wait.

But in the meantime? Here's something which is kinda funny (I'm writing it with a smile, though yes! It's not a funny subject), but mostly pathetic, yet something which sometimes rolls around inside my head: 

Awhile ago, a blogger wrote a long, ranting post about how it's just dreadful and disgusting that so many men (dreadful creatures that they are) are unfaithful to their wives. The cads. The bad, bad men, she huffed. And she asked her readers why is it that so many (disgusting, rotten) men cheat?

Well, that post bugged me for a couple hours and I wasn't even sure why, but then, alas! I realized something she hadn't, namely this--

At least 90% of these (bad, bad) men are cheating with women

(I mean, think about it...)

Er hem. 

So let's be honest. Let's be logical. Let's be informed.

It may be 2012, but it still takes two to tango and if you're going to rant about the (bad, bad) men, please be fair. Don't leave out the (bad, bad) women the men are cheating with. And our need to pray for both.

And what does that have to do with my red door? Absolutely, positively nothing. :)



Terra said...

I look forward to seeing your newly painted red door, though this one is pretty that you show.
You are totally correct that when a man cheats there is a woman cheating too. Men and women are equally bad and good. I don't applaud condemning only the men.

Judy said...

Can't wait to see your red door!
Our front door is still orange. I didn't know if I'd like it for long but I REALLY do!