Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painting, Redecorating, Accepting Autumn

So I thought a relaxing vacation-thing-to-do would be to lie upon the floor of my library here upstairs and browse through decorating books. 

Well. Instantly I spied a green dresser in a wallpapered bedroom and thought, "Oh! I think it's time to finally paint that white more-shabby-than-chic dresser of mine." I jumped up, mixed together two pints of 'oops paint' I'd bought at Home Dept for 50 cents each, played an old movie via Netflix (The Girl from Manhattan) and began painting.

I like the change (have a bit of touch-up to do). Prefer the added drama of it. And used only 50 cents' worth of paint.


Oh! If you love before-and-after photos of decorated rooms and yards, well, this blog--My Little River Cabin--will absolutely delight you. Keep scrolling down, down, down for tons of amazing photos. (Though her closeness to the river, well, worries me. heh.)


There's good news and bad news. The good news:  Our freeze last Friday night didn't kill my tomato plants.

The bad news: Our freeze last Friday night didn't kill my tomato plants.

Ha! It's just that I hate ripping out perfectly good looking tomato plants so that I can plant other things, namely, all the mums I've bought lately.

It just feels like killing a living thing. Which it technically is. And it also feels like admitting summer is over. Which, yeah, it technically is, too.

Oh well. I'm all about accepting the seasons of our lives and it's about time I accepted this one!  :)


The woods at our old farm.

"To everything there is a season, a time, a purpose under Heaven."  .... Ecclesiastes 3:1



Saija said...

loved the pic from your farm as well ... isn't this a glorious time, with the leaves looking like a party just happened!!! we had our riot of colour, then the big winds came - now it's a bit stark, but that has it's own beauty too!

blessings on ya!

Anonymous said...

The dresser looks cute in that color in those surroundings!! What fun to spend so little!!
Elizabeth in NC