Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Of Voting and Opinion Outpost

Yesterday was incredible. 

Sunny and around 45 breezy degrees and I had to smile when I saw Naomi's laundry hanging on the line outside. I had Andy Williams wafting through the house and Naomi cleaned and vacuumed her 'apartment' upstairs and there was soup simmering on the stove while Tom thinned some branches outside in the 'back 40.' 

And I even rearranged the porch so that I could sit at the table out there in the sunny corner this winter occasionally and Andy Williams kept singing while I browsed through my retro What's For Dinner Cookbook and so many of you wrote such kind (and witty) things about my picture, below.

As I said. Incredible.


Oh, guess what? I'm making slave wages online. It's great. I signed up with Opinion Outpost a couple weeks ago and have made a whopping $6.80. But hey, it's easy money, though the surveys tend to be, well, BORing. But, well, it's something.

Want to help me make more money as well as some possibly for yourself? Just send me your email address either in my comment box or at GladOne4@yahoo.com. I'll submit your address to Opinion Outpost and they'll give me extra points which equals extra $$ for me if you do one survey.

Don't worry--they're legit. Here's a good article (and I checked them out thoroughly before I signed up). They won't send you spam if I submit your address, either, just one email. I like earning pocket change this way while I'm looking into other more profitable things for the future.

Just some thoughts on this oh-so-chilly November morning... but we're due for more sun today so hooray!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh please Dear One. Try to cheer up. :-) Aren't we supposed to try to help ourselves, while down here?

Maybe I'm just lucky enough to have a real, live, authentic local candidate to vote for. But.... I'm feelin' goooood today. Like I said in my post, I'm feeling like I'm participating in History today. Kinda' like being one of the Green Mountain Boys!

And it feels good!

I wish such a feeling, for everyone. :-)

Now, smile about election day! :-) Right this minute! :-) And feel invigorated, about this day. :-) Right this minute. :-) "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :-))))))))

Lots and lots of gentle hugs...

Unknown said...

Hi Debra, I feel the same way you do about the voting thing even though Linda & I did do our thing on Oct. 16th. You can enter me and my address is odie_langley@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

The $6.80 might seem like a small amount, but considering the wonderful bargains you find at local estate and yard sales, who knows what
treasures you will be able to purchase with that money?

Pat said...

Well, it's $6.80 more then you had before! Another reason to be thankful!
Yes, I voted to, kind of with the same feelings you have. But, I have to think of where we'd be with out the freedom to vote...that's a terrible alternative!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Send them my email address Debra. You know it. I think...I'll be glad to do a survey or two.