Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Nighttime Dreams

Okay, my last few posts have been a bit heavy, though with issues which I had to face and deal with before I found such daily joy. But still, they've been a tad heavy.

So here's lightness, a sort of respite for you:

There are people living inside my head.

No, really.

When I began this blog six long years ago, my nightly dreams changed to, basically, only one kind. And all these years later? They're still the same ol,' same ol' kind. Not boring, but nice, actually. Just, well, predictable.

I can tell you what I will dream about tonight. Crowds of people will be walking around. Some of them I met as a child, a teen or as a young wife, mother or middle-aged whatever-I-am-at-this-moment. Others I've never, ever met--my head makes them up, but they feel quite real (which is either clever of my head or kinda odd).

Always, these crowds and I wander through churches, schools, malls, my house or someone else's really, really large home. And what do we all do? Well, nothing, exactly. We stand around, sometimes with snack plates, and talk to one another a bit. I like it best when those people let me chatter about Jesus, but that only happens sometimes.

Or we stand around and watch everybody else chatting.

Or sometimes the big drama of the night will be that so-and-so is trying to find his mother in the crowd and have we seen her? So we point to where mother is standing and then so-and-so walks over and stands by her. And he becomes part of another conversing circle.

And that's about as exciting as it gets.

But always, it's the myriad people, people everywhere that never varies. And usually it's nighttime there with lots of artificial light from overhead lamps. And the rooms are, well, large.

Thousands and thousands of dreams where nothing much happens, just pleasantness. Fellowship. Just whole crowds calmly standing or sitting around, together. Smiling, laughing, sharing, hugging.

And in a way, those dreams of mine feel like tiny pre-Heaven glimpses, though without the extreme joy. But there's that light and that comradeship and the reunions! All those reunions night after night upon my pillow.

A little like Heaven might someday be, I think. Heaven in calm mode,ok. And without Jesus standing in the middle of the room, making everything extremely glorious, making our conversations about Him remarkable. But still, these glimples feel quite nice in the meantime. While I'm waiting for the Real Thing.


Odie Langley said...

That sure is interesting Debra. Have you ever read "The Shack"? In it we are given a view of what heaven could be like that I found so enlightening. It's hard to explain but I wish you could read it if you haven't already.

Debra said...

Hi Odie... Yes, I read The Shack. I loved it!

My favorite book about Heaven was originally called Intra Muros by Rebecca Springer-- it's been republished under a different name now. I have a lovely copy from the 1800's and I treasure it.

It's an incredible book. There's such a heavy anointing on it that it kinda makes me dizzy to read it (that sounds odd, but then, I am odd). :) It always makes me want to go to Heaven, like, right this minute.

Have you read that one? ...Debra

Odie Langley said...

No I haven't but will try to find it. Thanks.