Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off The Train and Back to Real Life

Ok. It's time to depart from the train (with perhaps just occasional mentions in the future) and return to the Real World.

What is my Real World like today? Oh my... The weather is so gorgeous, so autumnally-exquisite that I'm having trouble absorbing the pure splendor.

This morning, in all the outdoors glory, I picked apples from just two branches of an orchard tree and lugged in a whole bucket into the house. With just a few, I made applesauce.

That's about the time Tom's friend, Al, arrived to clear our back meadow as he does once each year. So then I gathered more tomatoes from the garden and made spaghetti sauce, then added it to sauteed vegetables and cooked lasagna noodles. Out on our patio Tom, Al and I enjoyed the vegetable lasagna (my own squash inside there, too) and the applesauce. Just like one of those meals I read about others making... one of those home grown meals you feel good about eating.

Ever since arriving home, Tom and I have felt such peace. We felt that peace on the train, too, and everywhere else we went on our vacation. Before leaving, God instructed us both to set aside the joblessness and just enjoy ourselves so, well, that's what we did. We didn't pretend everything was fine, but rather, we rested in knowing everything will be ok.

And now back at home? He is so with us and we're being so careful to watch our words and our thoughts--to keep them faith-filled and positive... and to put into practice all we have learned for the past forever, really.

And so there we were on Thursday basking in all this peace in our living room, when Tom received a phone call. Wow, an amazing phone call, one about which--right now-- I can give you no details. Tom made me promise to tell no one about it due to its up-in-the-air-ness, especially not the hundred + of you who read my blog. But I can say this: no matter what happens because of that phone call, always it will mean so much. Always it will remain a huge encouragement to me and to Tom, especially, for like, forever.

It was special. It was huge.

But darn, I can't give you any details for a few more days. And boy, these ol' seams are nearly bursting.

Just know that we are fine. Tom is still jobless, but well, we're better than fine, really, on this gorgeous, incredible, breezy, autumn-slant-of-light afternoon.


Myrna said...

Your attitude, your willingness to let God into every area of your life and do as He wills, your ability to gain perspective quickly, and being so REAL in all of it...well, it just moves me to tears,Debra!
What a blessings and encouragement your are!!
Big Hug to you!!

Donetta said...


Odie Langley said...

I love your attitude Debra and know in my heart that you and Tom are firmly in God's hands and all will be OK. Can't wait to hear the details. Until then continue basking in His Glory.

Tracy said...

Now you have me anxious to know what the phone call is about! I am guessing a possible new job?

I find your positive attitude during this time of joblessness both courageous and an inspiration, Debra! I don't know that I could be so calm if I was in that position. But I thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog. :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I feel happier than I can well describe to read your words today, Debra. Every beautiful moment we ever have is a gift from God and you are not a woman to be backward in saying thank you and inspiring others to do the same. And thank YOU for that.

Saija said...

this is the day the Lord has made - we will rejoice and be glad in it! :o)

reading your post made me smile ... and i was soo soo very glad you guys stepped away from your world to go on that train trip ... ya for God's grace towards us!!!!!

continued blessings on ya!