Sunday, September 06, 2009

I realized something many years ago, namely, I must protect my own sanity. (I mean, like, if I don't, who will?) And especially that is true in these days which have arrived for all of us.

Goodness. Things are not getting any better in this world nor will they and I've realized that since reading the Bible as a child. But it still feels a little weird to actually be living during these days of high stress, low morality and 'signs in the skies', as I call natural disasters of all types.

And well, if a person isn't careful, a person can go insane today pretty easily--just go with the flow and worry and keep tabs on all the bad news and live stressed-out. Easy. But I'm not planning on it. No, I'm marching to a different beat, trying to anyway, and basically trying to do all the opposite of what the world is telling me. The world.... ha! They're urging me to hurry, hurry and worry about everything and everyone and to buy this and travel there and hurry some more and take these pills and drink those drinks if I wish to feel better. They're telling me I must have this and I really must have that, for if I don't, I won't be able to survive, or at least keep up.

Well, most days I don't even want to keep up. No, I'd rather go backward, back to simpler and quieter ways of living. For it's in that quiet where I find my strength. After all, it's rather like Paul in the Bible stated:

"That I might know Him..."

That is and has been the key for me. Not, "that I might know about Him," (though that's not bad or anything. Reading the Bible is truly a helpful, amazing thing.). But there is more, you know, and there is a difference. Rather like, I might know about President Obama, but I don't know him. Not personally, for myself.

And for me, knowing Jesus has made all the difference. He calms me. He encourages me (especially when everyone else forgot to). And He heals me of all the junk of 2009 and Life On This Tired Old Earth which sometimes attaches itself to me, making me a little sick and tired inside my head. But knowing Him.... spending time in His presence snuggled up together on my reading couch or the wicker loveseat on our porch... ah... There is nothing, absolutely nothing like that.

In His presence there is fullness of joy and it's that joy which is our strength. And oh my... do we ever need that joy, that strength, nowadays if our sanity is to remain strong and motoring on peace in the days ahead!


Oh wow. Another amazing home tour. I am in awe.


Rita said...

I cannot thank you enough for this post. It is so what I needed to hear today. All seems wrong right now. Tossed up and strewn about. I miss my life 25 years ago. But that life is gone forever and I have to find a way to live now. Again, thank you!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hey Debra,

You get Maryjane's Fram magazine don't you? Have you recieved the Oct./ Nov. issue yet? I saw it at the bookstore yesterday. Back in the spring I missed an issue and had to go out and buy it. They extended my subscription for an extra issue, but it's a pain to have to run out and buy it when I already subscribe to it!

Happy labor Day!

Pearl said...

I feel the same way Debra, it's all just too much! What will be will be so stop fretting people! Great post!