Friday, April 26, 2019

When I Sent Creativity Away On Vacation

“Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.” 
― L.M. Montgomery


Springtime! Exactly when I needed your return invitation to creativity--you came.


It's not that Winter was rough (I complained less so it felt shorter, actually), but this week I visited with ol' Debra out at the farm (via my blog, 2008) and my, my, my. 

She was a lady high on new adventure and (dare I say it?), I envied that excited, giddy farm girl. I'd missed ol' rampantly creative Debra, what with her ten-new-colorful-ideas-per-hour mind. 

Creativity! I apologize for stuffing you inside a drawer labeled, It's Too Hard. I Can't Be Splashy-Creative In A Tiny House, Especially in Winter.

Oh, the sorry excuses I offered instead of the energy, inquisitiveness I could have used! You know, to find creative ideas which will work. And because I avoided the harder, deeper search? I, uh-oh, tasted of this quote, below--

Yikes! Don't tell me Brene was exaggerating. She wasn't. Trust me.

Yes, this winter I became better acquainted with myself, my faults, and now must be beware of certain attitudes--nipping them in the bud before they grow, climb, then wind around my imagination--and my heart.

It's a good thing to know ourselves, our weaknesses. Rather like a direction-giving map for next time.

Also, I'll not squander more time via guilt, but instead, move forward in a joyful type of forgiveness from God. Condemnation--please don't ever camp in that boggy, sinking place, ok?

Now? Now I'll keep bursting through the back door to the flowers, patios, greenery and opportunities to creatively shine out there, being grateful that God's mercies are new every morning, even after months of fooling around with self-pity (that ol' so-and-so). 

Already I'm hoping, no, believing Creativity will, herself, follow me back inside the house where oh, I've missed her, mightily. 

Frankly, she's welcome anywhere in my life that she wishes to roam. 

(Now, there's a wonderful reason not to panic when we go through things!)

Sometimes? We must return to where we last felt happy, then look around to see where we wandered off from that place.



Happiest of birthday wishes to Tom today! How lovely to grow old beside ones best friend.

Happy sigh.

(Tonight we'll be attending one of Naomi's gigs down the street, then tomorrow, we'll have lunch with her and Justin.)


Speaking of Tom, he and I were inspired by Brene Brown's conference talk about courage on Netflix last week. Some convicting thoughts there, put forth in new ways which still are swirling 'round my head.  

(But if you can't handle, er hem, 'language', you may want to skip this.)


ツ ツ ツ



Robin in New Jersey said...

Happy Birthday, Tom!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday to Tom! I'm sure you're gong to have a lovely time tonight. We're driving acroos Oregon right now on the way home from a wondeful week at the coast.
I'm going to need some creativity in teh next few years. i tend to NOT think outside the box and that will be needed when we finally move into our trailer to travel at retirement. It's also way out of my comfort zone as I love to nest. But I know this means so much to Dennis and I'm GOING to stretch myself and do it if God allows us to go.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! It sounds like you're going to have a fun weekend...enjoy!!!