Saturday, March 13, 2010

After my recent post about loving your normal days and tasks, I remembered a post about this book, one which always inspires me to enjoy cleaning my house. It's been nearly 4 years since I first posted this so some of you may have missed it:

Inside an ancient thrift shop 24 years ago, I found a dusty, amazing book called The Art of Homemaking by Daryl V. Hoole, a mom of 6. I still remember how excited I was to find such a funky old (1962) book--my very favorite kind at that time.

I mean, how can anyone not love a book with drawings like these?

This book is stuffed full of hints about 'getting it all done' around the house and keeping a sweet, happy attitude through it all. (And no, it's not fiction. Heh.) But it is fun. And it's from the days when women at home were still respected and valued (a.k.a The Good Old Days). I never tire of reading Hoole's hints about cooking, washing dishes, decorating and doing the laundry, and too, looking at the Goofus and Gallant-type pen drawings. What a hoot! And it's one of those books which can, in a minute, inspire me right off the couch and over to my vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes we all need help and inspiration, something which should cause us no embarrassment.

You can find copies of The Art of Homemaking cheaply at and ($4 and up) as well as probably any of your favorite online used book places. If you're a vintage-hearted homemaker who's unafraid of becoming the best little wife and mother around, well, you'll love this book. Guaranteed.


A very special thanks to Debbie V. for sharing the link to Daryl Hoole's website!


vicki said...

I love that she cleans with a dress on! Do you do that too? :D
Great find...
Now I'll go catch up on your other posts..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures - yes I love to browse through the old homemaking books (even though 1962 doesn't seem that long ago sometimes). I see Daryl Hoole has a website with some articles HERE.
I am inspired to make my home and meals a better place with these books and others like them. (Although I have to admit having my husband doing the cooking sure is great now).

Elizabeth said...

Love it!