Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Life I'm Giving My Guardian Angels

"Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?"  ... Hebrews 1:14


Since last week? I've watched perhaps 20 hours of Kat Kerr on Youtube and my, my! Picture me with my socks blessed off. 

So many questions answered, so many wispy experiences, confirmed, as actually having happened (I'd wondered, "Had I imagined them?").

Anyway, Kat said when we reach Heaven our guardian angel will describe the times he rescued us and already I'm planning to interrupt and say, "Oh! Those were your fingers on my back when I nearly fell backward while up on a chair, right?"  ツ

Well, this morning while at my table at the cafe, I sipped my decaf then stared at the chair facing me and thought, "Hmm. I wonder if my guardian angel is sitting there, staring at my face? Or is he standing behind me?"

And you know? I'm asking myself, "Just what kind of a life am I giving my guardian angel?"

An adventure-less, boring, yawn-worthy one? 
A no-wisdom life, forcing him to rescue me constantly from careless accidents/choices?
One where he plugs his ears lots because I argue often? Or covers his eyes because of what I see on tv?
A people-bug-me-so-I'll-just-constantly-stay-home life?


Well, today I'll consider ways to help my guardian angel live a life here he can remember with smiles. One he'll someday retire from while thinking, "We had a good run, didn't we? Debra and I experienced God's blessings galore while living a life of sharing---

good news,

--and more."

Whew. That's a lot, right? And may I, beginning today, pay closer attention to how I live this Life given me by God, Himself. Not just for my angel's sake of course--but for your sake, as well.

Unsure about Kat Kerr? I recommend having your own 20 hour tv fest of her teachings before saying anything negative about her. Truly, I do recommend that.


And hey! Have you tasted any of these Wahlburger products yet?--

Tom brought home a package of hamburger patties (marked down in price. These babies are expensive.) and wow! They were remarkably great. Remarkably. Great.

Oh, and Tom and I were sad to see The Wahlburgers show, end. Always, it made us laugh--and who doesn't appreciate that these days?


"For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

I'm going to have to look up Kat Kerr on U-tube. I'm curious to know how he/she knows for sure about guardian angels???? Did you tell us before and I missed it?
I can sure tell you that since my heart stopped, I died for 32 seconds, and was revived, then got my pacemaker four years ago, that I don't look at life/death the same way. I know what I experienced. People can call me crazy if they like, I cannot wait to go back to Heaven.
Also, I've never had Wahlbergers meats. I'm going to have to check our markets. I don't remember even seeing them here, but I may have just not been looking in the right place.
Right now I'm trying to kick this awful cold to the curb. I have slept less than 2-3 hours a night for the past 3 nights because of coughing fits. No fun. Our kids are ALL coming home next week so I have got to get better.
Take care my friend.

Pat said...

Another great post my dear friend. You always leave your readers with something to ponder, and that's a good thing!
I think I need to kick up the silly a bit so my angel can have a good laugh!

Pam said...

I'm going to have to check out Kat Kerr. I absolutely believe in angels! Many years ago, my son and I were on a very long drive home from celebrating Christmas with family. Suddenly, the weather changed, and although I was driving very slowly, we ended up in the ditch. There were no other cars driving around us and we were miles from any towns. This was long before cell phones and all we could do was pray. As the freezing rain continued to fall, the two of us decided to try to get out of the car. No sooner had we gotten out, but a shiny black truck appeared and out popped a young man. He said, "It looks like you need some help." He moved quickly, as Chad and I just stood there. He had a chain that he hooked up to his truck and our car, and brought the car right up to the highway where we were standing. I opened the driver's door to get my purse, because I wanted to give him some money for his trouble. Chad was still standing beside the car. As I came back out of the car, I looked around and the young man was gone. GONE! I asked Chad where he went, and Chad just stood there, wide eyed. We looked in both directions and there were NO vehicles. The roads were covered in ice. How could he possibly have driven away so quickly? It was as though he had appeared, then disappeared. Chad and I were blown away. We got in our car and started driving again. Chad said to me, "Mom, did you notice that his truck was spotless? And I've never seen a chain like that. It had never been used and shined like it was made of white gold. And that guy didn't have on a coat or gloves." As we drove on, we both knew in our hearts that God had sent us an angel to help us. Down through the years, Chad and I have revisited that incredible experience. At the time, Chad was a young teen and very impressionable. It impacted both of us, but later on, when Chad served in Special Forces for the Air Force(he served 20 yrs), I know there must have been many times when he depended on God and his guardian angel. Yes, I believe there are angels all around us!

Debra said...

Oh Betsy! I hope by the time you read this that you'll be feeling much, much better. How wonderful to have had an early trip to Heaven! I can imagine how much you want to go back--I've never been there but I'm getting antsy! :)

Pat! Thank you for being so sweet and for reading here, like, forever. And yes! I've heard that angels (and folks in Heaven) love to laugh--so go for it!

Pam--I absolutely loved your story! Thanks so much for sharing those details with us. I think I'd have been shaking afterward if that had happened to me. :) Thanks again for sharing!

Blessings, Debra