Saturday, February 03, 2018

A Nostalgic Conversation for Your Weekend

It's been awhile since I shared mind-spinning nostalgia with you, so here you go, my friends who enjoy recalling The Old Days--

                       Photo by Dennis Reed, Jr.

This, above, is Scalise's Deli, located in our nearby former town (it's a beautiful photo--I hope you'll click to enlarge it. Yes, that's snow flying.)After many decades, it's still open!

Even though I don't recall visiting there (Tom said we did), yesterday these remembrances, below, from the town's 'remember when' Facebook page put a surprising lump inside my throat because 1.) when we moved there in 1993, the town's 'vibe' felt much the same and 2.) some of these brought back memories of my own childhood and 3.) oh my, how our world has changed.

And yet? Old-fashioned places/ideals/kindnesses still exist in Today's world. My nearby coffee shop comes to mind, as does my dentist's office, Sally's house across the street, the ancient drug store still decorated from the 70's (someday I must show you pictures!) and so much more. 

I think we just have to search a bit harder for the old ways--and perhaps that makes them, when found, even sweeter.

Especially in 2018.


Anyway, here you go, the conversation about Scalise's from Facebook (which can be a very old-fashioned place, itself. No, really.). I added these photos, and well, enjoy your visit to the past.  😊    ---------

"I remember riding my bike or (gasp!) walking to the deli from our house to pick up whatever my mom needed. Might have been 7 or 8 years old (double gasp!) when I started doing that. Today, my parents would likely be arrested for that "free-range parenting" practice."


"My nonna lived 2 houses away, I would go and buy my dad cigarettes all the time, I was probably 7 yrs old. Can you even imagine that happening now!!"

        "Your nonna, Gina, would come to our house and bring holy pictures and visit with my Mom and Aunts."

        "She was the sweetest lady ever, always concerned how everyone was doing."


"I used to stock the coolers when I was like 14!"


"I lived around the corner and my Aunt Maryworked there for years. Memorable part of my childhood!!"

         "I remember so many wonderful trips to Scalises growing up. Penny candy and the freedom to be able to go there without parents! One of my best memories of visiting and growing up with you."


"Also going with my Nana's note saying I could buy her smoke's. Omg."


 "I remember living on Geneva St going in and playing pool with Mr. Scalise while Mrs. Scalise made me lunch."


 "I miss my adoptive grandma by Scalise's. She fed me espresso and cookies."


"Used to go there when I had enough paper route money to buy my bubblegum and baseball cards!"


 "Right down the street from the Boys Club."


"In the late 60's, all the ladies there were cheek pinchers. Josephine would always get you."


"My late uncle used to make me take him there every time he came home from Texas just so he could get some lunch meat."


 "My father would write me a note to get him cigarettes when I was little. Also loved their ham sandwiches and spending all my allowance on penny candy!"

      "Cold pizza too. I also remember the notes to get cigarettes. So funny now."


"I wish we had a store like that now for my grandchildren to go to. I miss my little brown paper bag of candy."


"My grandmother (Mrs. Scalise) worked hard and did extra things like driving to DiCamillo’s 3 times a week, keeping newspapers for regulars behind the counter, and the steno notepad she kept to run a tab when customers needed a break. 

Thank-you everyone for your positive comments."


"A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him..."   ... Matthew 12:35

Look for the bad, you'll find it. Look for the good, you'll find that, too. It just may take a little more time, but oh, how worth it. We still can create a good life these days, you know.

And here's something else very worth remembering--


Want to take a longer trip down Memory Lane (and you're on Facebook)? Go here. Wow.



Betsy said...

Oh my! That was a gorgeous photo with the snow falling. And your memories. Debra. Many of them could have been mine and the bicycle photos! I had a bike with a banana seat just like those. We would leave on our bikes in the early summer mornings with packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and come home just in time for supper. We would ride our bikes up to 20 miles away and no one thought anything of it. I was probably 9 or so when my friends and I started taking our summer bike rides. Oh, it was a simpler and safer time wasn't it? I miss those days. Thank you for the memories, although it saddens me too, to think of how the world has changed.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

I love memories of days gone by [and not just mine but other peoples as well!] My favorite pic is of the kids and bikes, oh how that reminded me of my 2 brothers bike riding!

We have (for a short period of time yet anyways) the little corner stores where you'd get the little brown paper bag of candy where when my kids were little, they sold penny candy. It however is going out of business and will be totally gone soon. How sad that is!

What I DON'T understand though is why (in a newspaper interview, no less), they blamed the store closing on the internet. Well duh, what does the internet have to do with it. The store is a small mom and pop store that sells subs, soda, bread and things as such and then when the seasons come, they'd have bushels of fruits and/or vegetables. No idea how they think the internet could have put them out of business ... lol

I love going back through pics that I've collected, many from Pinterest and also other places online that are of things from my childhood. One of my favorites is one of clothes hanging out on a clothesline but there are so many that jog memories as well. In fact, I've had many of them printed and made a scrapbook of sorts [mostly a slap and stick of the pictures is all - no decorations] but that's okay because once I see the pictures, it's the memories that take over and that's why I wanted to keep them in the first place!


Pam said...

This post brought back many sweet memories. When I saw the photographs I was reminded of so many family members and friends who are in heaven, now. Life was so different back then! There are days I'd love to revisit those old times, but I'm really grateful for modern life, too. I was reminded that the only one who never changes is our Heavenly Father. That gives me true comfort and hope!!