Monday, November 06, 2017

Where The Ol' Hermit Tells You This and That

Sometimes, right or wrong, a lady just likes to, silently, keep Autumn all to herself. 

Er hem.

So today it's simply scrapbook time--bits of pieces from here and there gathered together.

So here you go --


2.) Last week my buddy, Dolores, asked if I have a daily schedule. After thinking a moment, I told her it's more like I have a daily rhythm. I rest, have some hot chocolate, watch tv, then straighten the house. Then maybe I'll have computer time then wash the dishes, feed the birds, or dust or do laundry. Then rest, have more hot chocolate, then vacuum and maybe read, then sweep the front porch, then rest, read --- 

All day it's like that; rest, work, play, rest, work, play and you know? For me, it's a lovely way to live. To be. It's like a rhythm of freedom and choice, all done with Grace and God, the three of us together.

3.)  Lovely Clarice shared this at Facebook (click to enlarge the beauty)---

4.) Another Facebook thing --

"The only reason you get discouraged is because you forget who you are, who God is, & the fate of what opposes you."   ... Niel Vermillion


You may enjoy this home where the owners are creating their own version of mid-Century style. Some cool stuff there.

6.)  "Life happens. If you wait for all your circumstances to calm down to have peace, then you’ll be waiting your whole life. God never promised to keep us from difficulties. He didn’t say we wouldn’t have storms, but He did say He would give us peace in the midst of the storm. He calls it a peace that passes understanding. That means despite what’s going on around you, you can still be at peace."   ... Joel Osteen

7.)  I used this gif at Facebook for a meme of sorts and isn't it hilarious?

8.) This would so be me, the used-to-be gymnast, if I lost my common sense and actually tried it--

9.) Oh! forgot to tell you that Travel and Leisure voted Buffalo America's Friendliest City! But then, I've been telling you this for 13 years.  😃

Here's a bit of what T&L said--

1. Buffalo, New York

"People smile at each other on the streets. We talk to strangers all the time and are just overall willing to help each other," said one local Buffalo resident. "They don't call us the City of Good Neighbors for nothing." One reader recommended that visitors ask for directions — not because they're lost, but because a local might just escort them to wherever they're going."

10.)  And lastly, here's an example of the kind of music I use as the soundtrack of my life at home. I love how music remakes the atmosphere and suddenly--instead of ironing-- you can feel like you're a spy inside a movie and the same ol' same ol' flies away.

This. So fitting in Today's world.


See you next time! 


Betsy said...

The last thing you said in this post. This is for me today. Everywhere I read on the Internet today people are so angry. Angry at this, and angry at that. So, for the most part I’m staying away and I’m watching Hallmark movies on TV today. Some people call it burying my head in the sand. I call it the way to preserve my mental health. Have a lovely day my sweet friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Pam said...

For me, there's a fine line between staying informed about this crazy world's events, and staying grounded in what is true, right, noble, lovely...Now that I'm in my 60s and spend most days at home, I have the freedom to shut out some of the world's noise and invite the Holy Spirit to help order my days. It sure is a wonderful way to live. A typical day for me resembles yours, Debra. Work, rest, chocolate, work, rest, chocolate...