Thursday, August 31, 2017

No Rhyme, No Reason -- Just All From Facebook

Facebook often gets a bad rap, so today I'll give it a good one. Just call this a sort of scrapbook of items I saw and liked there. 

May they touch, tickle or inspire you, as well. (Click any photos to enlarge.)

Must make these! So adorable.

This gorgeous hairstyle came via an Etsy post. (I'm thinking I want to wear my hair like this in Heaven. Anyone else?)

"Allow every storm you go through, every bad break, to push you to trust God in a greater way. When you don’t think you’ll make it through, God turns it around. He gives you strength when you don’t think you can go on."    ---- Joel Osteen

                  *   *   *

Here's the trailer from the upcoming movie, I Can Only Imagine. Can't wait to see this!

*   *   *

And if you've never read about the Cane Ridge Revival from 1801, here's a good article. (Although folks who prefer God In a Box, might not like this much.)  😞


And  what are you working willingly at with your hands today?


Oh! And just one more thing-- this story about a dog who often takes  the bus to the dog park all by himself.



Betsy said...

Thank you for this happy post today Debra! It's much needed in the face of all that's happening. My favorite is Eclipse the bus riding dog. I read the story and smiled all the way through it. My "Wanderer" book arrived yesterday and I read January's chapter. I love it! Thanks for the review of it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.

rebecca said...

Liking the miscellany. Tozer always nails it for me....and yes, to have such a full head of hair as that would be "heavenly" indeed :)

Deborah Raney said...

Ahhhh... I love everything about today's post! And yes, that hair!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Thank you..and did I say Thank you?? So much to ponder and wonder about and smile over. !! Again you have pulled the goodness out of the air and given us a glance of many sweet things around us most of us never knew about. And the quotes...Oh I Love quotes! Especially good ones like these!! Sarah