Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Keeping It Strife-Free Inside My Head

"For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."   ... Matthew 12:37


Tom flew away to Iowa on Monday so I'm here playing with the new weed-whacker and hedge trimmer he bought for me and watering garden beds since--finally--our rain has stopped.

Though after what happened in Houston, really, I need to stop complaining about that (rain). 

This Summer? The type which makes me long for even a Winter of blizzards, but now, color me grateful that my rougher-than-I-told-you Summer did not wash my house away.

What a scary world is ours, right? If it's not natural disasters, it's unnatural strife and how sad that the arguments still creep in during a tragic life-snatching flood. 

I mean, since the 80's, God's given me super patience with non-Christians who act like rabid wolves and make accusations, for the Bible says satan has blinded their minds. They don't get it. The Holy Spirit's not there to explain things to them, to calm their frenetic heads, or to help them love difficult people supernaturally.

But when (like at Facebook this week) it's the Christians acting like wolves, showing no mercy, but attacking, shredding other Christians because of assumed evil motives? Oh, my eyes get squinty-mad and my heart goes all rolling boil-ish.

Oh dear. But then I must return to calm. To forgiveness. 

It's so not worth gripping anger while watching your peace float away. Crashing waves must be told 'peace, be still,' otherwise their loudness drowns out God and how then will I hear His voice? 

How will I walk in obedience (and not grieve the Holy Spirit) if I can't even hear His instructions?

What I want is the peace Jesus died to give me, the kind the world cannot snatch away. I don't have to understand the tragedies or mayhem--I just need to cling to the One who's never confused or scared by any of it.

He is the rock which no storm in Life--nothing--can ever roll away.

"There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."   ... Proverbs 12:18

"No one can know a person's thoughts except that person's own spirit, and no one can know God's thoughts except God's own Spirit."   ... 1 Corinthians 2:11


Looking for a way to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey? Here's one way. (And yes, there are many more.)  


My dear friend, Dolores, is having a heart procedure done today and I know she'd appreciate your prayers. Thanks so much!


Remember that set of towels I told you about? Amazingly, they're even cheaper this week! (Never even imagined that happening. Tsk. Tsk. Oh me of little faith.)  😊  Here you go.



Dewena said...

I needed this, Debra. I've tried to tune out a lot this week because we have a wonderful family wedding coming up and only give other attention to what is happening in Texas, not what is happening on social media. Maybe a good thing?

Still, things slip through, I hear things I'd rather not give my thoughts to. I love the wolf picture, a reminder not to gnash my teeth over others words?

Anonymous said...

I know social media can be a good thing, but I am glad I have not started participating or reading any of it. I get enough sour news from the news or overhearing people's talk when we are out and about.. I try not to see too much of it either but hubby loves it sooo,... I do hear it anyway. :)
Enjoy your new garden toys. We got a small electric lawnmower marked way down at Lowe's two years ago. Easy to use and it has worked out very well. Since it is so easy..guess who gets to mow the lawn more than they used to ??? ;)
Yes it is unimaginable what is happening in Texas. So devastating and unexpected. Whole towns again being town apart and residences changed forever. Honestly I don't know how people make it with out a relationship with God. They are going through probably about the toughest days of their lives. It seems so far away but it could happen to any of us. ....Sorry to bring this back to sorrowful news but it is on all our minds. Sarah

Betsy said...

Hello Debra,
Such a timely post. I, too, have been disappointed in things I've heard and read other Christians saying on social media. My answer is just to skim over it looking for my childrens' posts and other than that, don't read much of it.
I did get the book I ordered on your recommendation, "when Wanderers Cease to Roam". It just arrived about 10 minutes ago! Yippee!
Our summer is horrendously hot this year, we are continuing to break records for heat each day, but compared to Texas, we have nothing to complain about. The smoke is pretty nasty too, but at least I have the option of staying inside don't I?
I will be in prayer for Delores. Would you pray for my son Alex and the people of Japan? That missile that was launched from N. Korea went directly over his home earlier in the week. It worries this Mom's heart, but I have tried to turn it over to the Lord.
Have a lovely day my sweet friend. How I wish we lived closer so we could visit with each other more frequently.

Debra said...

Dewena--I'm so glad this was timely for you! And congratulations about the upcoming wedding in your family. I hope you'll have a beautiful time and be surrounded by gracious words and thoughts all around you, before and after.

Aww, Sarah.... Some of the best times of my life have been at Facebook. I'm surrounded by wonderful friends there and we pray for each other and share what makes us love Life. Only occasionally do I see an ugly thing, but then, I can easily erase it from my page. Actually? I feel sad for my friends who haven't discovered the loveliness which is Facebook, a place where we learn from good teachings and can put love in action by our words and deeds. And about mowing the lawn? That is definitely one of those things which makes me look forward to Winter. :)

Betsy-- I think God allows me to read comments at various Facebook posts so that I'll be relevant here in my blog. I know lots of my readers read those same comments and watch the news, etc., so sometimes God directs me, I feel, to speak about those things and since He does? He gives me much grace to read them. Thank-goodness. :) Oh! And I'll definitely pray for your son. Wow,just reading what you wrote about that missile going overhead gave me goosebumps! So praying here that all will be well.(And thanks for praying for Dolores!)

Thanks, Everyone, for your comments! Hugs, Debra