Friday, July 14, 2017

Lightweight Friday

Recently, for 20 cents, I bought this edition of Jean and Johnny at Salvation Army--

Yet although I'd read this before, I just couldn't get past 6 pages because the cover felt all wrong. Jean and Johnny was written in 1959 (an excellent year, indeed, hint, hint), but that book cover! So dreadfully 1980's. Or 70's, whatever. Ew.

And ok, I get why book covers are updated--young folks (and old) supposedly won't even open a book if the cover is dated. Judging a book by its cover--it's still rampant today, sadly. 

We're only human and all that, I guess--and here we thought we'd come so far.


Not for the first time, either, I simply had to order a more honest, true-to-the-book's-heart copy. Which yes, is probably a reverse type of cover-judging. Alas. --

But wow,  what a difference. This time the book (an old hardcover copy) 'went down easy' because the cover belonged to the words inside--and to me, that just makes more sense.

Think I'm wacky? Well, thanks to the Internet, I discovered whole crowds of us behave this way. So there.  😄

These (troubled) days, people whine about how, online, we're all so different, but me? The Internet introduces me to kindred spirits galore, ones I'd never have otherwise met this side of Heaven. And how lovely to feel like I fit-in.

And isn't it far more pleasant to meditate upon our similarities rather than our differences? I believe so.


See this bathroom?

I've not been able to shake it from my head--so--it's the new goal for my own bathroom. In my own style, of course. Probably these walls are white in real life, but I'd like to paint mine a palest pink. A huge help is that everything currently in my bathroom will look pretty surrounded by pink. No need to buy all new stuff.

I'd also love to replace our vanity with one similar, above, but let's not all hold our breath regarding that, ok?

The main thing is that now I have a plan. Rarely does anyone go anywhere meaningful without a plan.

Stay tuned.


Sammy The Cat is improving! He seemed to begin eating better immediately after you began praying(!) So cool.

Your prayers are still so welcome, though. Thank-you!


Did you know that HGTV's Good Bones is back? I appreciate how this mother-daughter team takes horribly-treated houses and turns them into gorgeous homes for new families to love.  Happy sigh.



Betsy said...

I'm a lot like you with books. Mine are the pioneer books. Some of the covers are horrible. It makes them look like they're in the mid-1900s instead of the 1800s. My hubby would never go for that bathroom but I like it. I hope you're having a wonderful day my sweet friend.

Robin in New Jersey said...

What a difference a picture makes in our perception of what the book contains between its covers! You are so much fun! Thank you for all the great show recommendations. I wish I had time to watch all of them.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Don't feel alone - I too am one who prefers the book covers that are "supposed" to be on them. lol It took me awhile but a few years ago I found a copy of Little Women that had the same cover on as the one I had growing up and of course, it made me happy! : )

I love the pic up top on your page and am assuming that's your yard. Such pretty flowers!!

Oh, I am SO HAPPY to hear that Sammy is doing better and is eating again. Thankfully my Kyla doesn't get sick very often but when she is, I'm a basket case [what can I say - she's the "baby"!] : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debra said...

Betsy--pioneer books! I like those, too, and really, why would anyone, in *that* case, make the covers more modern? Oh well! I showed the bathroom photo to Tom and he said it was beautiful--so glad you and he like it. :)

Robin--thanks for saying I am fun! :) Encourages me to loosen up a bit more because I can lean too far to the serious side. heh.

Debi--I'm glad you liked my flowers! Everything's pretty much just green now and I do miss the color. Oh well... (I changed that top photo today for the sake of variety. Gotta mix things up a bit and all that.) Thanks so much for praying for Sammy and please do keep the prayers coming. He's eating soo much better (almost normal now), but he's still skinny.

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings , Debra