Friday, May 26, 2017

More Friday Fun, Well, Except For ---

1.) So on a YouTube video, a woman filled a 2 liter bottle with dimes and after she rolled them in dime-papers? They equaled $220. Not bad! So now I'm collecting dimes in a 1 liter bottle --

Hey, it'll be like a free $110 for tiny time and effort. But me spend hours rolling all those dimes in paper rolls? Uh, no. I'll just dump them in the 'change exchange machine' at our supermarket.

Although----- has anyone heard of those machines blowing-up into smithereens after dime overload?  😏

2.) Oh! The upcoming Glass Castle movie might be cool/creative/bittersweet. Check out the trailer here.

3.)Well, for whole decades I've been meaning to buy Mylar book covers for my old books with crumbling, barely-there dust jackets, especially. (I keep telling you I should win the World's Best Procrastinator Award.) 

Anyway, finally I ordered 20 Mylar covers from Ebay and oh! I felt like Mrs. Efficient while safely encasing my books in these sturdier dust jackets. Most fun I'd had in a long time (and yes, truly I need to get out more).

4.) Have you watched the documentary, 'Black Out' at Netflix? Wow, I don't recall hearing anything about that dark, scary night in New York City, but then, that year (77), I was a high school senior in faraway California, so that makes sense.

Anyway, Tom and I found the show incredibly interesting.

5.) Seldom while perusing local real estate online do I view rooms of kindred spirits, yet days ago I did! How fun to click through these --

     Love the checkered floor, the vintage woman print and there's even a table top jukebox on the counter. Very cool.

                The white painted dresser is so Daisy Cottage, right?

Even the basement was decorated (much like the living room) and had a cedar half-bath(!)  --

This 1950's ranch has an attached garage and tempted even Tom, but it's a tad more than we'd like to pay and besides, we're both feeling too old to move again. (I've spent waaay more time working through all this I-may-never-move-again than I've ever told you.)

Yet still, it's fun to window shop for houses and garner new ideas.

6.)Which reminds me, have you watched the new HGTV show called Home Town? Oh. My. Goodness. Ben and Erin's old house restorations/decor/staging make me cry. Seriously. I've watched hundreds of other HGTV shows(!) but never has anyone struck that close to the real decorating heart of me. 

And frankly, it's hard for me to watch, for on this side of Heaven, anyway, I'll never have such perfect rooms. So I must remind myself (and remind myself) that Heaven holds my real/permanent/best home, not this passing-away Earth.

But still--eegads. That Ben and Erin are remarkable.

7.) Sheesh. If you've not already noticed, Life certainly has its disappointments. Two more ash trees on our street were murdered chopped down. Only a few feet from our house! So whereas our street once looked like this --

It's now like this --

%$#@&^%. It's heartbreaking. (And the word 'desecration' comes to mind.) Darn those ash bores anyway.

There's one ash tree left, one which fills our picture window with beauty as I lie upon the couch, staring up all dreamy-eyed, especially during tv commercial breaks --

If that tree goes? Oh dear. It'll stretch every bit of grace I've got.

I hope our city will someday plant new non-ash trees in place of the fallen ones. It would help our hearts.



Betsy said...

I really like that house Debra. And I haven't seen the new HGTV show but have heard of it. Your before and after photo sharing of the trees made me gasp! How awful. I hope you get new trees very soon...and not 12 inch sticks, but real trees that will grow into beautiful shade quickly. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Deborah Raney said...

There was a time I wouldn't have understood being sad and angry over losing a couple of trees, but since I almost went into mourning when the HOA cut off two big branches of my favorite tree behind our house, I totally get it. I'm so sorry about your trees! :( And hey, if they cut the 3rd one down, I'd say that's a perfect reason to make one last move! :)

Debra said...

Betsy--I think you'd like Home Town! I've been watching it On Demand and trying not to be too covetous. :) Thanks for your good wishes about the trees and my weekend, my friend!

Deb--Oh! I really like your reasoning/logic. :) Another reason I considered that house I shared here? There are no trees close to it (only background trees surrounding others' yards). I *am* tired of growing attached to trees only to have them chopped down. sigh.

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra