Monday, February 13, 2017

Jumping Off The Carousel. In A Way.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God..."   ... Psalm 46:10

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."   ... Philippians 4:7


So have you watched the reality show, Hunted, yet? Couples try to hide from professional FBI and CIA folks for 28 days in hopes of winning $250,000 for remaining un-find-able.

Want to know something? Tom and I have come up with the perfect so-simple hideaway plan. 

No, really. 

My brain loved the solve-a-riddle-like exercise over a couple days. Too bad, though, that we'll never actually apply as contestants to Hunted. Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Big Talkers.

Anyway, while contemplating this pretend 28-day escape, I've recalled how being online becomes such a habit. Right? In a nano-second I can conjure up an excuse why I must check/do/buy something here. Of course, I (usually) love the ministry part of both blogging and Facebook, but the other stuff! Especially the subversive headlines and friends' sometimes oh-dear! FB posts, well lately, I'd just rather not know.

And let's face it--I'm not always that great at online self-control.  :)

I need a break, a return to the old pre-Internet Debra who more often read books and homemaking magazines and cleaned and decorated the house and took walks, watched old-time tv shows, cooked, shopped, visited. In fact, my buddy, Dolores, and I have decided to spend less time online this next month, to get re-acquainted with who we are apart from The Net, among other as yet unknown things.

It sounds refreshing, actually. A sort of God saying 'come away with Me' thing.

Now, this isn't really a blogging break--I'll still write here when I have something to say. It's just that this old-fashioned girl needs to distance herself, for a time, from a world gone crazy-divisive. She's longing for less of the Net and more of the Good Old Days so she can handle these wild days, better, slowing down so to spend time with the woman she's become--

---and remembering some things she's most likely forgotten.

"And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one." ... 1 Thessalonians 4:11,12

“If you don't know who you truly are, you'll never know what you really want.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

" ... whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."   ... Philippians 4:8


These are the books I'm currently reading ---


And for fun, here's a photo of Daniel searching for trouble as always---


Happy Valentine's Day in advance to all my readers!


Oh! My radio just now played one of my all-time favorite songs, ever! Listen to it here.



Judy said...

I just finished "A Lantern In Her Hand."
My ONE New Year's resolution was to go to bed early and READ. I left a string of white lights in the bedroom which adds to the appeal. Most nights I'm there a bit after nine. It's been looooovely!

Robin in New Jersey said...

You are a very wise woman! A Lantern in Her Hand is one of my favorite books. I will look forward to reading whenever you do post here.

Betsy said...

Well I for one will miss you if you're not online as much. Since I fractured my back and I'm stuck in my chair all day, every day, I enjoy coming on here and reading. But I confess I spend too much time online also. You are a very wise woman. I'm so tired of all of the "stuff" I'm seeing on most social media these days. Don't be a stranger my friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

I'll sure miss seeing the emails in the morning that I have a new blog post from you but do understand. I just hope we still hear from you from time to time!

If you will, will you please pray for my daughter, Keesha? She is having surgery today and it's a major one that will be 5+ hours long. She had weight loss surgery in 2002 and over the years, it had come undone. They were going to repair it until this past week when they did a pre-op scope and found that her stomach could not be repaired so instead, they have to totally remove her stomach [I read on Web MD about it, they really do that - I had no idea!]

Anyways, they'll remove her stomach and then have to connect her esophagus to her small intestine and she'll have to eat very small meals and some things she won't be able to eat at all.

Please pray that the surgery goes well and also that there are no complications [now or in the future] from this. Also, anyone reading these comments - please pray as well. If the surgery is over, pray on her behalf that she doesn't or won't have on-going problems the rest of her life from this. Thank you so much!

Pam said...

There are times when we need to take a break. I hope and pray that you will enjoy whatever God has planned for you in the days ahead. Thank you for the countless posts that have lifted my heart and mind. God bless you, Debra!

Debra said...

Judy--your lights sound wonderful! Last year I read Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton books before I went to bed. They felt perfect. :)

Robin--you're always so encouraging--thanks so much! And yes! Isn't A Lantern In Her Hand a great book? I think it should be required reading for all young people, personally.

Hi Betsy! I went back and added that I'll still be blogging. You, too, are such an encourager and I appreciate it much! Feel better, my friend!

Oh Debi! I've been praying for Keesha. How is she doing after her surgery? May God bless her with a timely healing and with much hope of recovery in the days to come.

Pam--I'm so thankful I've been able to encourage you--you never fail to encourage me with your kindness and faithfulness to read here.

Thanks so much, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Hi Debra,

Thanks so much for praying for my daughter, Keesha - I appreciate it more than I can tell you! She did have her surgery and actually it went far better than we could have hoped for. I guess in the week between the scans and her surgery, the Dr. was doing some thinking and it ended up that they were able to do the surgery totally laprascopically AND were able to save a small part of her stomach and create a new pouch with it.

So, they didn't have to bi-pass stomach doing the esophagus to small intestine after all [Praise the Lord!] Her stomach is very small now though, her Dr. said it'd the size of a golf ball.

She's been in pain since the surgery but not nearly the level of pain that she had starting yesterday. Last night she ended up in the emergency room and thought she was going to have to go back up to the hospital she had the surgery at but the hospital they did a cat scan and said that nothing showed up on it so sent her back home.

Please keep praying for her about this ... she's having to be on pain meds [obviously!] but it's really making her nervous because she'd had an addiction to these pills a few years ago and finally was able to get clean from them. Also, please pray for her pain that if nothing else, it gets to a manageable level and not like it was last night.

And of course, for totally 100% healing for her and no long term complications. Thank you so much for your prayers. I'm sorry I'm slow in updating, have been busy and just plain worn out at times. (Hugs)