Friday, September 16, 2016

Don't Like Vintage Things? You Can Skip This Post. :)

"But He gives us more and more grace..."   ... James 4:6


I wish you'd been here Tuesday afternoon.

There I sat at our table with that old waffle iron and 4 books written in the 1950's by sisters, Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard. On our retro radio, vintage music played while a breeze fluttered through the open window, outside of which were birds at the feeders and blue skies with puffy white clouds like one remembers from childhood. 

Glancing up from my book, I gazed upon houses all built before 1935 and then oh! A car like this, below, drove slowly by, turning down the quiet street to the river:

Oh. My. Goodness. Almost a Somewhere in Time moment, right?

And that's a major reason I love living in New York. Times like these are not all that rare--and always treasured by me and lots of other folks, I'm sure.


Oh, and Betty and Mary's books? Two of them I'd wondered if I'd ever read: Nancy and Plum and Best Friends. For years I checked online and couldn't find them for less than $100 each (and up to $500--good gracious!). 

Then finally, kind souls reprinted them and I bought them for pennies. Oh, how blessed I've felt this week! (I've been thanking God, believe me.) Best Friends, especially, was remarkable and now I'm praying additional kind souls will reprint the next two in that long ago series.


In my last post I mentioned falling in love with another house (I also said I'd no longer write about new houses--uh-oh!). But I'll simply share these pictures of the 1925 butler's pantry for you who also love vintage things. 

Does this place dreams inside your head or what? 

(I'll bet you can easily see yourself playing in there with bobbed hair, Glenn Miller on the stereo and while wearing an apron, right?)  :)


Look what's coming to Hobbit Cottage in the mail soon:

Be still my happy, redecorating-in-fun-flippy-1970's heart! 

(There's storage space inside. When you live in a small house like we do, everything must perform 2 or 3 tricks or else---phhht! It's outta here.)  


And you know? When I gave up on seeking a new house, suddenly all sorts of redecorating ideas came to me. I knew this would happen once I stopped stubbornly wishing for something outside of God's timing. 

Start thinking the way God wants you to and suddenly Grace swoops in and helps you like crazy.

'More and more grace'. What better way is there to live?


Oh, and I tweaked the area at the end of our couch. I like it much better, but the rooster won't always stay. It's not my favorite thing, yet I needed something tall and unbreakable there since Daniel The Cat always flies to that table, flinging the mat to the floor. 


" for I am learning in whatever situation I am to be content."   .... 

... tweaked from Philippians 4:11 by Debra who is still learning. (er hem.)

Need an awesome kick-in-the-pants-jump-start to your day? Go here. 
Oh my.



Pam said...

That butler's pantry is divine! When I see something like that, I think back to the way homes were built, many, many years ago. Carpentry without electrical saws and airguns. They were truly skilled craftsmen and I always appreciate a chance to be reminded of how things used to be.

Glad you had a good week: good books, creative juices flowing, a gorgeous ottoman on the way, and many more blessings, besides!

Betsy said...

Love that butlers pantry and your new find. We called them "hassocks" when I was growing up, what do you call it? I'm so glad you're finding contentment in your home. Have a lovely weekend.

Deborah Raney said...

LOVE the footstool (what we've always called them in Kansas...or maybe ottoman. GREAT color! Can't wait to see a photo when you have it in place in Hobbit Cottage!

Debra said...

Pam--thanks for the reminder about the hands-on craftsmanship! Makes it all even more special and beautiful.

Betsy--thank-you! Oh, and at the website it's called an ottoman. Though I'd probably call these smaller ones a footstool. :)

Deb--I'm so glad you like the footstool/ottoman! And you're the first person to mention the color--I love it much and the way it's an updated shade from the 1970's olive shade. :)

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra