Sunday, November 11, 2012

So You Wanna Go Back?

"So you wanna go back to Egypt, where it's warm and secure.
Are you sorry you bought the one-way ticket when you thought you were sure?
You wanted to live in the Land of Promise, but now it's getting so hard.
Are you sorry you're out here in the desert, instead of your own backyard?"   

... partial lyrics to So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt? by Keith Green


Do you remember that song written by Keith Green in 1980?

I do, and lately, it revs up inside my head when Christians complain about Today and wax all wishful about the Good Old Days of the presidencies of Reagan, both Mr. Bush's, Clinton and even Lincoln. I've received emails from ministries quoting Reagan and Lincoln, especially, as though they had everything perfectly right and Life was just one prosperous, fun party during their reigns.

Life has never been just one prosperous, fun party during anybody's reign. To think that, is well, too Lot's-pillar-of-salt-wife for me.

The Apostle Paul had more sense:

"But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead."

The Times, they are a changin' and much of what worked in Reagan's days won't work now--and one reason why not? God wants our ears aimed at His mouth, at the 'nowness' of Him. He is I Am, a minute-by-minute God. He's not I-Used-To-Be.

(Ever found it strange that people mostly share quotes from the distant past instead of coming up with their own great quotes today? I have.)

I choose not to live on a sort of auto-pilot from The Past, walking blindfolded, all sleepy-eyed by rote, but rather, by what the Bible and God speak to me. His sheep who so needs His leadership and would rather be slaughtered than celebrate my independence like others do.

God enjoys shaking things up, moving them around. Why?  So that always we'll rely upon Him, our Father, our Provider who takes wonderful care of His children (no matter how many Christians argue with you/me otherwise). Not any President, nor the stock-market, an abundant economy, paychecks, food stamps, bonuses, windfalls, get-rich-schemes, gambling, or our birthday money, even.

Those will pass away, are temporary and were never meant to keep our hearts strong or dependent upon them. 

But God! His love, His ways are eternal. He is forever. He will always Be. And, I believe, that's what He tried to get through the Israelites' stubborn heads ... that moving along with His leadership always meant moving forward. To the next big adventure which would require hearts devoted to Him in order to survive--and even thrive.

"Do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?" For it is not wise to ask such questions."   ... Ecclesiastes 7:10

"The words "still once more" reveal the removal of what is shaken—the things that are part of this creation—so that what isn't shaken will remain."   ... Hebrews 12:27

"But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”   ... Luke 21:36


I found this interesting. I think some of you will, also.



Lori Alexander said...

Wonderful post! One of my favorite Bible teachers said that God allows Satan to roam the earth to refine His saints...We sure like to grumble at the refining process, don't we.

Debra said...

Lori--we certainly do! :) I added a link after you posted your comment, so in case you'd like to read it, here it is:

Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Overall, I cannot remember any stage of my life that did not hold hard places. Once I realized that we are here to prepare for our next life, it made more sense to me. We are not here to have an easy life...though some days are hopefully easy and good in every way. Have to savor those times. But in every situation my comfort is that HE is there help in ways no humans ever can. And to know that ONLY HE sees every single part of our lives and understands...while we do need those "with skin on"...HE is what we need most of all!! One day all the tangles and knots of the tapestry of life from this view will be seen from HIS view...and that will be beautiful I do think.
Savoring the good days right now, here in the midst of FALL's colors, Elizabeth now in VA

Debra said...

Elizabeth--some very good thoughts! Thanks for sharing them. Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you it's wonderful that you are enjoying your new home. All my best to you and your husband in your new life! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

There has been many extras to be pondering and thinking through lately it seems. We need to put priorities to our time unlike ever before.The link at the bottom of your post and a link also on the forum I looked up that was in the comments to this first post are totally sobering. Although the second post warns to not look back and want what America used to be. That is a hard one for me but I can see where it is needed. I know totalllllly that America or anywhere was never perfect in any which way... I just wish many could have seen at least how much more civil people used to be at least. People look at me as a senile old woman if it is mentioned things used to be different. Never seeing the world changing like we have slowly to the hard edge it has now they don't understand. I am just babbling on as I am trying to digest many things at this moment. I just feel so ashamed we got to this could we do this to Him? Yes it was predicted but He loves us every where so much and only wanted good for us and we didn't even acknowledge Him so much of the time. He blessed america so much and we could have done so much if we had just worked with HIm. Sarah

Debra said...

Aw, Sarah... the thing to remember is that we have an enemy--satan--and ever since he came into the picture, there's been a battle raging for our souls.

It always helps me to remember that it is satan who, ultimately, ruins everything and he uses people to do the ruining. When I remember that, I can be mad at him, but keep loving the poor people who have been deceived. When a person is truly deceived, he/she no longer recognizes truth. What satan wants is for us to stay so mad at people that we don't pray for them within the power of love as God would have us... and nothing changes.

Thanks for reading those other links and thanks for sharing your heart with us with your comments. I appreciate it. Blessings, Debra

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A very good post, Debra, but I especially wanted to tell you that I watched The Artist today and just loved it. It's wonderful!

I also want to say that I truly believe that the good old days were not as good as we think. Perhaps if you were white and at least middle class it was a more civil time when I was growing up in the late 40s and 50s, but there were terrible injustices against many people, for instance, African Americans. Some things are better. Some things are worse. Things change. And I remember my husband saying that the looming crisis you want to prepare for will probably not be the one you get. All thoughts to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. Oh believe me when I say I know Satan is to blame. He pulls the wool over the eyes of many. I feel so sorry for the people who are being led astray in their thinking. I know better than to be angry or try to argue with them as they know no better and have no understanding. We all know many we are hurting for. I just feel so ashamed like I said that we were given so much here and took so much for included. Many of us live in families where we are the only believers and so in that too you provide such a welcome link in our lives. A place also where we can ask questions with honesty and know someone cares and understands where we are coming from. A place where I can express concerns and know someone is listening and can steer me if I am thinking wrong. You and your commenters are such a large part of my life. Don't worry I know God is to be # one and His word where to actually really go for guidance. I am not substituting you and your commenters for what I should be studying and learning through the Bible. As a believer though to be among others is a comfort. Sarah

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Sometimes I do wonder whether my certain Christian friends who only spout negativity (and seemingly all the time!) are the ones being deceived! This post is one I heartily agree with, Debra. I see FEAR in the outbursts of these people who profess to put their trust in God. I know God doesn't want us to fear and tells us where it comes from. Yes, we are human and fear will eek out at times, but the animosity I witness is akin to what I would think the sinful woman, about to be stoned to death, received in Jesus' day! We know what He did and said about that!

As for the good ol' days... yes, I think people may have been more civil back in them, but I have also been refreshed to see things I never would have seen back in my day... teenagers openly hugging each other, in front of the school, at the end of a long school day. A melting pot of all sorts of people going to school together, being exposed to other cultures and learning about them from friends. In my day, we were all very homogenous. That made us fearful of people who didn't look like us, act like us, or were just plain different from us in some way. Yep, Fear.

Oh, and life is cyclical/ever changing. Things never stay the same. Always morphing into where life needs to change. The realization of that will make understanding things clearer for what they really are.

Rodney Olsen said...

I certainly do remember that song. :)

Thanks for your words of wisdom. You've got a great way of bringing focus to the heart of an issue.