Saturday, October 30, 2010

Of Old Drive-Ins and Ways of Life

We keep having these magical weekends.

Yesterday Tom and I drove through the countryside to two estate sales and two yard sales and I found 3 Fiestaware cups (lovely Evergreen ones) for fifty cents each and three matching plates for one dollar each and the perfect little bookshelf I'd been needing for the front porch for $2. I'd asked Tom to build one for me just the day before so, hey, I made his life easier.

And then we went to Reid's. Or I should say, and then we went back to the 1950's. Wow. We discovered Reid's Drive-In (see above photo) and how have we missed this place all these 17 of our New York years? I mean, they have $1 hamburgers, $1.25 hot dogs, $1.10 French fries and shakes are $2.00 or less and an indoor dining room with retro Reid's photos and with a big window overlooking the woods and outdoor tables. The building is from 1946 and is in a country-ish setting and well, it's our new place. Not that we need to be going there all the time, but hey, it's perfect for our yard sale weekends and is even open year-around, unlike Sullivan's and The Silo, two of our other time travel places.

And it's yet one more retro destination which zooms us back in Time. And you know? We've discovered lots of those here in Western New York, but the hilarious thing is that, according to newspaper journalists and magazine writers and bloggers (and others) these old vintage drive-ins with food at cheap prices Do. Not. Exist. They were from a long ago bygone time. They're gone forever from 2010 just like women who wear aprons and happily live as homemakers and families like June Cleaver's and farmers with white farmhouses with barns and stone fences.

Well, we're being lied to by cynical people who don't get out much. I see all these things all the time--they're still around for me and for anyone with the gumption and optimism to find them. Which makes me wonder--if I'm being fed this type of news from ignorant, biased reporters, how many other lies am I being told and how are they affecting the way I view my world?


Never give-up looking for what makes your world a better place.


"You can't believe everything you read." ... copied


FaerieMama said...

I loved your line: we are being lied to by the people who dont get out much". made me laugh. cant wait to have
a magical day again myself..

Sara said...

so true so true so true! we have reached a point when we must watch minimal news to have an actual understanding of the world. as for those urban legend women in aprons, put me on the list!

Odie Langley said...

Loved your post today. Linda and I like to drive through sections of the country that are far from big cities and look for the old country stores and diners and relish the moments we get to browse and enjoy seeing things for sale that we have never seen before. We will continue to search for these treasures.

Judy said...

Visited MANY lovely places like that in Wisconsin this week.

It's ALL still there, if you are adventurous enough to look.

I looked. I loved it all!

Donetta said...