Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mary Jane's Video

Oh, if you love Mary Jane Butters, you will love this video which I found by way of the sweet, peaceful blog of Clarice (thanks tons, Clarice! I'd never seen Mary Jane on video before... what a treat to find this!).

I discovered the Mary Jane's video this morning at 5:00 a.m. and could barely keep myself from racing out the back door (it was still black outside) to begin farm-like projects. To work hard. To continue taming our few wild acres into productive and lovely ones. (Perhaps instead of calling our place, Healing Acres, we should have called it, Wild and Weedy Acres. Sigh.) And I love being reminded that Mary Jane began her farm as a single mom living at the end of the road in a house with no plumbing. Out here, I need lots of inspiration and those kinds of stories give me boosts to hang in there.

I'm thinking all you farmgirls and farmguys at heart will love this video.


Need some more ways to save money? Our local tv news station shares ways to save each morning at 6:15. Here's their list of money-saving links. One of the websites delivers your home supplies free and even applies online coupons to your order for you!

And there's more. Here's their list of homemade household cleaning remedies. Non-toxic ways to clean--love that.

Our local morning news program is a treat. Rather than just drone on and on about local bad, depressing news, they share a bit of bad news, then the weather, then, say, some helpful hints (sometimes sharing their own tips in a humorous way following the tape). Then they might run some film on newsy local happenings (some of them heart-warming), the weather, then ways to save money (after which they sit at their desk chatting about saving money). Then one (quite funny) guy on the news team will appear at a local shop or school or museum or fun place to interview the folks in charge and those who frequent their business/activity. (What a terrific way to discover places to visit in our area!) And so it goes in this similar pattern.

I'm always reminded of the Mary Poppins song, 'Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down,' while watching our local news each early morning. They share so many good, positive things that it makes it easier to swallow the bad stuff. :)


I bought a couple yards of black and white gingham yesterday and placed it over our table. Adds a bit of drama.


... Paige said...

I'll be back this evening to watch the table cloth and the whole room (at least this view) ;-}

Saija said...

you are making your little farm a dream place ... all the pics you post are so charming!!! you hard working woman, you ...

at the moment i have a hubby who wants me to sit with him, watch the calgary stampede and is always saying "don't do that now, do it later ... " ... so my household is a little cluttered with many jobs to do - but i guess spending time with leo is priority #1 ...

Storybook Woods said...

I was thrilled to find them too, I am so glad you like them xoxoxox Clarice

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

I've been to MaryJane's Farm - it is even lovelier in person and so is MaryJane!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

She has several videos on her blog. Check them out!