Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Where She Teaches Her House To Clean Itself (And Some Hawaii Stuff)

"Wisdom's ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. ..."   --- Proverbs 3:18


These days? We can all use bits of extra fun, so ....

One of good ol' Debra's favorite sayings for decades:

Work smarter, not harder.

And these she's-no-spring-chicken days she is, more than ever, attempting to teach her house how to clean itself.

And just how does one do that? 

Here are some ideas, quick-fashion, because well, I'd like to move on to Hawaii (wouldn't we all?)  シ

Here in Western New York, most people remove their shoes once inside the door. They just do, which hey, makes them smart because this keeps tons of dirt off their floors and carpet. (These days Tom must leave his shoes on and trust me, my carpet shows the difference.)

In short, dirt kept outside means you're not cleaning it inside. Doormats on both sides of entry doors capture tons of dirt when you use them to wipe your shoes.

I heat extra water in my kettle each morning for hot chocolate so I can pour it over my kitchen sink. This keeps grease and etc. from building, meaning I scour the sink less often. (Helps keep the drain clear, ideally, also, especially when adding dishwashing liquid.)

While pouring powdery substances from one container to another, I do so in the kitchen sink. Powdery residue spills on the counter are harder to wipe up than to just whisk them away with the sprayer in the sink.

If I'm out-and-about only an hour or two, always I return home, change out of my clothes and rehang them. (This, I've read, French women also do.) This habit greatly cuts down on laundry and clothes last years longer.

I do housework in the mornings since that's when I have the most energy. I try to take afternoons off (occasionally this actually works. heh.)

I make our main meal at noon and clean up as I go. After lunch, we place our dishes in the dishwasher and there's no big mess to clean up. (And I'm not tired at 1:00 pm like I would be in the evenings.)

This year, especially, I'm growing what I can in pots both on our front porch and in our herb garden just below it. This way I simply step out our front door with a water jug, then water everything without walking around our yard. (Looove this idea.)

I keep a hand towel on the couch for Daniel the Cat. I can just shake out most of his hair rather than use a wet paper towel all over the couch. Oh, and I use pine cat litter which means I change the box less often.

I've given away tons of clutter and when you do that? You've freed yourself from spending energy, time and soap, even, cleaning.

...and after 40 years of my mowing the lawn, we hired local lawn guys and now every Tuesday feels like Christmas.

Now, there's more, but this post's purpose? To have you, also, actively thinking, "How can I make this stage of my life easier? How can I, these later years, accomplish more of what God created me to do?"

Just a few creative ideas for you today. I'd love to hear some of the changes you've made, as well!

Though I do my housework in the mornings, I'm also sure to fit in front porch reading time, especially if, later, the day will grow too warm.

Oh! And trying to follow my weekly master To Do List really helps. I'd gotten away from it for months and fell behind, got lazy, so it's a blessing to return and keep up.

Two more hints: when I immediately clean spills, there's no chiseling them away later when dried. And using our handy-dandy scented wax melter effortlessly keeps the house smelling pleasant.


When first married, Tom and I watched the old (1968) Hawaii Five-0 series and well, it was okay. It was there. Available. Something to dull our minds before bedtime.


But the new (2010) Hawaii Five-0? Wow, we love that one (and are currently rewatching all). Oh, a few episodes got a tad dark, but mostly, just the right note was struck; light-hearted and serious, making it a balanced pleasure.

People in online comment sections (who probably never watched more than 2 new Five-0 episodes) declare the old Hawaii Five-0 was far superior. Huh. Well, since this is my blog I'll boldly state here: The new Hawaii Five-0 is far superior! (So there. heh.)

We love the storylines, the friendly banter, the balanced light and dark tone, the beautiful Hawaiian people and the gorgeous filming of Oahu and other islands, especially during our l-o-n-g winters, but really, anytime. 

And since we'll most likely never visit Hawaii? We're extra grateful for these livingroom peaks.

Anyway, two last things:

1.) Remember the Duke Kahanamoku documentary I recommended? Ever since, we enjoy the occasional sightings of his statue on Hawaii 5-0 and in one 'bygone era' episode, posters of him inside a restaurant.

(Anyone else watch that documentary? If so, what did you think? I love it when you tell me you viewed my recommendations.)

2.) Whenever Hawaii Five-0 plays vintage Hawaiian music I'd swoon and think, "I should find a Youtube video with those type songs." Finally this week I did that! Here you go if you, also, enjoy those tunes.


For those who appreciated that vintage mobile home I shared last time, you might also like this:

This woman's father sounded like an amazing carpenter and dad, as well. (That hidden staircase, right?)


My own little bit of paradise: my Prayer Garden:

Powerful stuff!


Please remember: My posts are always about more than they appear to be. 


 "For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

Great suggestions. I can't think of anything to add right now but I know I have some things I do too to make life a bit easier.
I've watched to old Hawaii 20 but only a few episodes of the new one. I think I would like to see more. Dennis would probably enjoy them too as we've been to Oahu a few times.
Take care and have a lovely Tuesday.

Debby said...

I really enjoyed the video of the double-decker trailer home. Thanks for sharing.

I haven't watched the new Hawaii 5-0 - maybe we'll check it out.

Pam said...

Lots of good ideas here. It's amazing how a few small changes in the way we care for our homes, can really make life simpler. One of the biggest changes I've made, over the years, is to corral our clutter. I used to enjoy displaying collections, groupings of pictures, etc. I've given away all but the sentimental stuff. I'll admit, we have more family pictures hanging on our walls (mostly of the grandkids).

Debra, what you shared about wearing shoes inside is so true. Sometimes, when my arches ache, I have to wear shoes, but I have a pair just for inside the house. It's hard to believe how much debris the mats at the doors catch!

It was fun to watch the two-story vintage mobile home. Do you remember the stories about the Boxcar Children? Believe it or not, for a very short time, my mom and dad lived in a renovated boxcar on my grandfather's farm. I was only 2 years old, but loved the stories mom told about life in the boxcar. My parents were very young and strapped, financially. Living there gave them a chance to save some money for the down payment on their first home. It's amazing how cozy and comfortable some small spaces can be!

Debra said...

Thanks so much for reading here, Everyone! And Pam--so interesting about your parents living in a boxcar for awhile! These days I love watching videos of all sorts of places becoming homes that one wouldn't automatically think of.

Thanks again, All! Blessings, Debra