Friday, April 22, 2022

April This And That

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."   --- Psalm 34:8


1.) Some folks believe if you eat from opened cans of food in your refrigerator, you'll die(!) I am not one of those people. For 43 years I've cooked from those food cans in the fridge and lived to tell the tale.

But lately I'd wanted to buy lids for those cans and hooray! The Simplified Saver shared some perfect ones from Amazon. They're more rubber than plastic and each fits 3 sizes of cans. Nice colors, also--I appreciate mine!

Check them out here.

2.) And oh! Something else I found on my journey to make my over-60-and-I-deserve-a-break life easier was these new-fangled chip clips. Very sturdy, should last for years. 

3.)Years ago I told you I was suspicious of Tom's doctor. That he mostly just prescribed pills rather than lifestyle changes or natural help. 

A few of my readers commented doctors know more than I do.

Well, Tom's former doctor is currently in prison. Why? For prescribing too many pills. Also--at the time of the court cases--6 families wanted to sue him for wrongful death of their loved ones, but when they saw him enter prison, they backed off, or rather, the news stopped sharing their stories.

The moral of this? If your gut tends to be reliable--trust it. Go with it, no matter who says you're all loopy for doing so.

4.) Have you ever tried crystalized ginger? It's an acquired taste (Naomi gave us some and at first I took the tiniest of bites, but weeks later, I was chomping them, whole), but it's wonderful for stomach discomfort. So are slippery elm pills, acidolphulus and carbonated water/ginger ale.

Of course, if your stomach issues are consistent, try eliminating certain foods/stress and see a doctor if the issues persist.  ツ

5.) Just when I believed I'd seen it all on Youtube, I discovered videos of independent lawn care companies who, one day a week, find local homes whose yards are overgrown (and tagged by city officials) so to help the owners for free! A couple workers even mentioned praying to find these homes.

Wow. Totally restores some good feelings about today's world. Here's one of my favorites of those Youtubers.

6.) From Patara at Appalachia's Homestead at Facebook:


7.) With rising prices of everything, capsule wardrobes make more sense than ever. I love how the one I created 3 years ago still works for me and now only occasionally do I need to add a piece to replace an older one.

Last week I used some gift card money to buy this--

--and as I told my friend, Dolores, "Haven't worn it yet, but I do know it won't look as good on me as it does the model! Ha!" ツ

8.) How's your prepping coming along? I'm still loving the challenge of my stockpile. I decided to collect 10 months' worth of food rather than 8. Once you learn how to prep for 1 month, multiplying that is easy.

One mistake people these days make while adapting to all the changes we're facing? They view them as a big, fat chore. Don't do that, ok? Keep it fun. Keep it Grace-led and you'll still enjoy life, yes, even in 2022.

How we react to hard times will always be our own responsibility.

9.) I told you my phrase for 2021 was "Be slow to speak," and oh my goodness! That has turned into my super power. (Really.) Wow, all the tiffs I've avoided just by either pausing or altogether skipping what I was going to say.

Highly recommended, that 'be slow to speak' thing.

10.) Have you seen this young man at Youtube? He speaks several different languages and goes around NYC surprising mostly Asian folks by his ability to use their language. Often they're blessed that he's taken the effort to communicate with them (there's a lesson in that somewhere).

Though I'm not a fan of Youtube's policies, I'm a huge fan of all the lovely, talented, passionate folks I've met there.

Color me grateful.


Please remember: My posts are always about more than they appear to be. 


 "For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

Wow! That last collage of photo's is beautiful Debra. Lavender is my favorite color. That was a nice start to my day. Yes, it's almost 10:00 am and I said start. I've been having trouble sleeping and it was almost 2:30 last night before I fell asleep so I didn't wake up until 9:00.
As usual, there is a lot to learn in your post today. I also agree with simplifying the wardrobe. I make my own dresses because I love them. I have 7 summer dresses, and 6 winter ones, all the very same pattern. (The winter ones have sleeves on them.) I just rotate through. How that has made life simpler is amazing. No more standing in front of the closet wondering what to wear. :-)
I think I have seen that same boy on utube. Our son has the same experiences since he speaks Japanese and Chinese fluently.
Have a wonderful Friday Debra.

terricheney said...

Debra my husband loves to watch the lawn care videos on YouTube and one does lawns for free (he also does power washing). I think you might like this guy as he sometimes overlays the noise with sermons by various preachers. Lawn Care Juggernaut

Patsy at A Working Pantry on did a year of challenges to fill a pantry and they were so fun. Some weeks you did it by certain letters of the alphabet or certain colors. It was a unique way to fill a pantry!

Pam said...

I got goose bumps when I read about Tom's doctor. When you think about all the lives that were hurt, it's upsetting. Listening to that inner voice really is important.

Your new shirt is cute. I'm happier having fewer items in my closet. What I do have fits and is comfortable.

Debra said...

Betsy--my mom's favorite color has always been lavender and oh! It would be fun to watch your son do what this young man does on Youtube. :)

Terri--how fun! Just a few hours before I read your comment I watched that same lawn care guy. It was the video where he came across a house with a dead body and I really admired the respectful way in which he handled the entire the situation. I'm glad your husband also enjoys those videos! They really are inspiring. And thanks for recommending Patsy--I'll run over to her channel today and check her out!

Pam--so true about listening to that still, small voice and thanks for the compliment about my new shirt!

Thanks so much, Everyone! Blessings, Debra