Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Fixer, Not a Wisher

"Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth."  ... 2 Timothy 2:15


Do you ever watch those 'my-restaurant-needs-fixing shows'?

If so, are you ever blown away by how many restaurant owners, years before, thought simply, "I'm goin' into the restaurant business. I like to cook. How hard can running an eating place, be?"

Oh wow. To me? That's nearly like saying, "Hey. That first-aid book I read was interesting. I'll go be a surgeon now."

I mean, really. Why do people these days (and ol' Debra at times) believe success can come without real work, first? Generally speaking, nothing wonderful/lasting/profitable comes without study, planning, making mistakes and years of energy and practice. Shortcuts to true, satisfying success? Oh, they are very few.

And just wishing for change? Forget it.

I believe God likes to view our work, our faithfulness to 1.) Him and 2.) whatever He asks that we do. Nowhere in the Bible did He say 'work' is a bummer. A waste.

Just the opposite.

I thought along these lines recently when I considered my current wardrobe. Man, I spent years on that thing. 

I read wardrobe books (paper ones and online), 
penned notes on paper, learned about capsule wardrobes,
watched all the What Not to Wear episodes (so conceptual, that show. Learn the body-type theories, even if the clothes appear dated now.). 
I gathered adorable outfit photos at Pinterest, 
memorized the color shades in which I look best, 
dressed body-models online (that was eons ago. Do they still have those anywhere?), 
compared prices of clothing online, bought a few items there, also found similar stuff at thrift shops, budgeted for all and
learned how to build a wardrobe which I'd love for years.

Simply put--I didn't just traipse out and grab stuff off the racks (like I  used to).

And today, even though I weigh too much for my height (that's sweet phrasing) I forget about it while out in public places. Why? I feel cute in my clothes! Comfortable, also, and people at the dentist's office, coffee shop, Naomi's gigs and even our tax preparer lady have complimented me.

But again, oh Honey. It took work. Effort. Hours of concentration.

And now what has ol' Debra moved on to studying?

1.) Inflammatory foods to avoid so she can rise up from the couch without looking like this--

(Here's a good place to begin if you're feeling rather inflamed, yourself.)

2.) Ways to simplify my home life at 60. (As mentioned in my last post. This is far more extensive than that 7-word sentence.)

3.)  Oh, and how to write in 10 words what used to take me 100.  ッ

And more, but you get it, right?

Today's lesson? Hard work, study, practice--all are good. G-o-o-d. Especially when they're directed toward God's specially-designed plans for us.

And oh, the special rewards they'll bring in the days, years to come.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men..."   ... Colossians 3:23

"In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty."  ... Proverbs 14:23

Don't know about you, but sometimes I don't sleep well at night because I didn't work well during the day.  シ


Two favorite outfits, ones part of a wardrobe where much works together and can be inter-changed? Here--

Seriously, I find it fascinating that I've created a wardrobe which makes me so happy, that I don't feel bad, at all, about the tubby body inside the clothes.  シ

And here's my Outfits I Love page at Pinterest. As always, I appreciate  when women share their ideas and talents for the rest of us clueless ones in those areas.



Betsy said...

WOW! I never thought of wardrobe building to be so much work but it does make sense. I despise clothes shopping and anything to do with it. I also prefer dresses, just because I find them so comfortable. So...I found a pattern that makes sleeveless summer dresses and with the addition of sleeves, viola! You have a winter dress. Most of my wardrobe is now made of that pattern and, in fact, I cut out a new summer dress just yesterday and plan to sew it today!
I have been stopped at rest areas while driving cross country by ladies asking where I bought them! In fact, last year while driving to Omaha, at each and every rest area, no kidding, at least one woman walked up to me and complimented me on my dress, most asking where they could get one! My husband couldn't believe it.
Yesterday the same thing happened at the gas station. I gave the lady the pattern number, but since I have had it so long, it is no longer available. This really happens almost every time I'm out in public.
Most of my dresses are of cotton so they do require ironing but I don't mind. It makes me feel all "vintagy" when I'm ironing and yes, I still iron all of Dennis' dress shirts for work!
It makes it very easy when most of your clothes all are made alike and you just choose the pattern you want to wear that day. It just plain simplifies things and I'm all for that!
Have a lovely day Debra!

Debra said...

Awww... Betsy. That's so cool about the compliments you receive and you know? You have proved my point, but in a different way. For me? I detest sewing. Would rather chew glass! I used to sew Naomi's clothes, but I had little grace for it and that lasted only a couple years. So all the work you put into your pretty dresses shows that good style and creating a wardrobe don't come easy, as does nothing worthwhile. Work must go into it. Oh, and I also iron Tom's shirts (and pants), but thankfully, I have much grace for it. I enjoy watching tv while doing so on early afternoons. :) Thanks for commenting, my friend! Blessings, Debra