Friday, January 11, 2019

January This and That

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." ...Jeremiah 29:11


1.) Mostly? December/Christmas leave me missing only one thing: the bright lights on houses outside our dining room windows reminiscent of a carnival boardwalk. 

This year, especially, I nightly anticipated Sue and Sally's tiny lights splashed across their huge outside wall like a green and red Milky Way of stars. Glorious.

Eventually, though, it all went away. 

But this year? Marsha, our new neighbor, hung a red and white lighted heart in her front window. Wow. That heart shines like a life-saving beacon during the swirling, blowing snow--and I smile. 

"Must. Have. One." I thought. So I searched online (and meant to ask Marsha about hers, but that kept not working out) and finally yesterday I found one that's close enough. I ordered it at Ebay--

-- and now can't wait to display my own shining beacon which I hope will gladden the hearts of our neighbors as Marsha's has mine.

(Oh, and I also bought an electric candle for our top story window, another light of welcome and comfort for our black, icy nights.)

2.) Speaking of Christmas, my favorite gift from Tom was a lovely old copy of The Edge of Time by Louella Grace Erdman.

Barely could I put this down and if you, too, love stories of young couples eking out a life on the 1800's prairies, you'll also enjoy this. The good news? You can read it at Open Library for free (via the waiting list).

If you'd like to purchase a copy, check here, first. Read reviews about it here.

3.) Tom's and my current favorite shows to watch together--

1.) Chicago Fire
2.) FBI
3.) The Rookie
4.) Blue Bloods
5.) Chicago Med
6.) New Amsterdam
7.) The Good Doctor
8.) Chicago PD
9.) Hawaii 5-0
10.) Magnum P.I.
11.) NCIS New Orleans
12.) NCIS
13.) Last Man Standing
14.) SWAT
15.) Seal Team

We're glad these are (mostly) back from their winter vacation and oh! Did you see the series finale of Timeless? Some folks are devastated bummed-out at its demise, but Tom and I have learned to just feel grateful that a good show appeared a year or two, rather like viewing it as a movie which lasted a very, very long time.  ツ

4.)  So does ol' Debra still believe in staying stocked-up and in all ways ready for anything?

Yes. Yes, Honey, she does. May sound a bit crazy but hey, in our wild world, not living prepared for any type of disaster sounds goofier.

Here's one of my posts with a ton of links to help you prepare for anything.

5.) Don't know about you, but I found this photo from The White House, gorgeous --

6.) Am I still loving the new treadmill? Oh yes! Especially since I'm not keeping track of improvements to my body (weight, inches lost, etc.), but rather, I'm daily recording the improvements to my discipline and stamina.

So much more encouraging, those.

7.) Oh! Remember those bath towels I recommended from Walmart back in August of 2017? Well oh my, they're practically giving them away now. Only $12.58 for a 6-piece set of good-enough-quality towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Check them out here.

Yes, even in 2019 there are great deals on items we need. All we must do is ask God to lead us to them--and then go there with Him.

8.) Once again I've been watching Youtube stories about people who died, went to Heaven, and came back. I find these shared glimpses/stories so encouraging! How wonderful (and comforting) to imagine what our loved ones there are experiencing.

Here are some videos to start you out (I tend to just stick with the CBN ones since they're 'safer' and won't go all new-age weird.)

9.) Found a creative, hands-on decorating show at Netflix yesterday, the type reminiscent of the old days at HGTV. 

It's called The Great Interior Design Challenge and is British. We also get to see such heart-stopping old areas of England so two thumbs up, except that the designer judges can go all picky, picky sometimes.

10.) And to end this, here is something to remember --

--and two things to make you smile--

Sue and Sally's dogs. Until I saw this photo I didn't even know you could have a picture taken with Santa and your pets. ツ



Oh! What is that bright light out in the sky this morning?  シ

We've lived in the Buffalo area nearly 26 years and never do I recall so many mostly-grey weeks. Trust me, I celebrate like crazy inside my heart whenever the sun shines, even a little bit.


"Walk ... with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love." ... Ephesians 4:2


Anonymous said...

You have all kinds of gems here today Debra. I’m definitely going to check out the British designing show. Did I ever tell you that just before I got my pacemaker, my heart stopped for 33 seconds in the cardiologists office? My my my! I had an experience I won’t ever forget. I don’t talk about it much, because people look at me like I’m crazy. Anyway those YouTube videos sound rather interesting to me as well. Have a lovely day my friend. Enjoy your sunshine. I woke up to pea soup like fog, so thick I can’t see across the street.
Blessings always, Betsy

Angela said...

Ohhh that books sounds like something I will love! Yes I ordered a copy from ABE.

You sound like me- I ate my lunch today on our bed because it was so sunny and warm. We have had FAR too much rain and gray days to suit me the past 3 months so I too revel in any sun I can find. Just like my dog. Haha

I like your heart too! May have to think on that though we live so far out it wouldn't cheer anyone but me.

K.E. said...

Debra,have seen "Escape to the Country"? It's British, on Netflix, only one season, but many many episodes. Each episode people look at three houses, but it's not like HGTV's "Househunters". With your love of house looking, you might enjoy it.
"The Good Place" is fun. (I watched the first season three times 😀) It's on one of the big 3 channels, or hulu.

Pam said...

Dear, dear Debra, as we woke to 6 inches of snow and more on the way, what a pleasure it was to read your post! Betsy is right, you've given us "many gems" today. Thank you so much!

Debra said...

Oh Betsy! I'd love to hear your story. You can message me at Facebook or send an email if you'd like. Hope to hear what happened soon!

Angela--oh! So glad you ordered the book and I've a feeling you'll really enjoy it if you've liked others of this genre. I totally get the eating lunch in the sun on the bed thing! Totally. :) And I think you are worth having a heart in the window, even if you're the only one who sees it. Ours brightens my nights so much with its red glow and even last night Tom paused in front of it as it glowed around our table and said, "Wow! That's really nice."

Kim--oh! It's been years and I'm so happy that you still sometimes pop over here. And thank-you! I'd watched that countryside show before, but got interrupted and forgot to return to it. So guess what I'll be doing soon? :) Thanks again!

Pam--you are so very welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed this post and its links. Stay warm this winter!

Thanks-you, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Heya! I'm at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone!
Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward
to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

Anonymous said...

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