Monday, December 21, 2015

Practical Christmas

Every year I order Christmas postage stamps online, even during my (in comparison with everybody else) Scrooge Years. Er hem.

There's just something about Christmas stamps.

Yet this year? I had enough stamps on hand-- red heart ones left over from Valentine's Day, actually. Good enough, red being Christmassy and all. Besides, this December, I'm only sending a handful of cards. It's a Scrooge Year. 

But oh no! In my mailbox, the corners of two cards from old friends caught my eye. What?! The most adorable Christmas stamps, ever:

Charlie Brown and the gang!?! 

This year I'd missed ordering Charlie Brown stamps. Good grief.

Well, I soon fixed that. Ran to my computer and ordered 4 books of those things and who cares if I'm still using Charlie Brown Christmas stamps to mail our bills in sweltering June? Not me.

I love these tiny things-- and love never fails. Never fades away. Never psssh! vanishes.  Those stamps will still charm my heart in the good ol' summertime, guaranteed. Indeed.


Attention, my fellow preppers or those who just like to burn candles, especially this time of year amongst your Christmas decor:

Dollar Tree has white (tall!) pillar candles in a jar. Wow. Tom saw a Youtube video which said they burn for 80 hours (if it's on Youtube it must be true, right?). 

Actually though, reviewers say the candles burn anywhere from 40 to 80 hours--but whichever--that's still a terrific deal for only a measly dollar. Although........ I'm not sure about the wicks, whether they're simple cotton ones (which I prefer for our health). Oh well, for a dollar, I'll risk it.



P.S. Other versions of dollar stores are rumored to carry these candles, also.They can be ordered at Dollar Tree online, as well--there's a shipping fee, though, if shipping to your home.


The extent of my Christmas decorating this year--our tiny tree and a Christmassy-looking plate. Well, there are also candles in the fireplace and Christmas cards on the glass doors of the hutch. And my red cup o' snowmen butter knives which stay in my kitchen all year.

The tree shines through the windows like a beacon in the night, perhaps encouraging a weary heart or two.

I am content.  :)


Happy birthday to my sister, Corrine!



Nan said...

I got these stamps and love them. Because they are 'forever' stamps, you could save them and use them next year for Christmas!

Debra said...

Nan--I'll try to save at least one page of the stamps for next But oh my! I'm already so excited to start using them the very second they arrive. :)

I'm glad you love yours, also! Aren't they adorable?

Blessings, Debra

Elizabeth said...

I love how excited you are overthe stamps! Sounds just like me !

Pam said...

Debra, you make me smile.

Debra said...

Elizabeth and Pam--thanks for being sweet and making me smile with your kind comments!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Blessings, Debra