Friday, October 02, 2009

Remember how, in It's A Wonderful Life, there's a montage where Mary (Donna Reed) is shown standing on a ladder while wallpapering their decrepit old house?

Well, picture me just like that.

I'm here wallpapering, painting and hanging curtains. And I should be outside mowing our jungle-like lawn, but the concrete guys are out there digging and measuring and there's no way I'm going to mow with them watching me. Already the neighbors probably watch and giggle at their windows. Alas.

So anyway, I'm just popping in here to say I've been in a more creative decorating mood than a writing one and that's partly why I've been absent.

But here's a note: Remember when I complained all this past summer about my house and yard and all those staycations? Well, I'm thinking it wasn't about the house and yard and all those staycations at all. 

No, recently I began hearing this tiny voice inside my head which said (to be read in your best eerie voice impression), "Oh Debraaaa.... You really should start taking folic acid pills each dayyyy....." So I looked up the vitamins which a woman like me (50, postmenopausal, prone to whining) should be taking and that one was on the list, as well as these which I was already taking, though fish oil was hit-and-miss (but no longer):

Vitamin B
Fish Oil**
Vitamin D3
Folic Acid

I also take at least 2,ooo mg's of Vitamin C to prevent sinus/ear problems to which I was prone until I discovered this wonder drug. 

So anyway, since taking the Folic Acid I've felt much more 'even keel.' More stable. More like good ol' Debra at her Pollyanna-at-75 rpm best. (Hooray!)

And that's as deep as my thoughts go today. I thought perhaps the Folic Acid thing might be confirmation for others of you out there walking alongside me at my current state of Life. You know who you are.  ッ


The above photo is from our little blue library at the top of the stairs. A few rolls of wallpaper 'came with the house' so I used part of a roll for this wall. I like the effect.


** Update! Krill oil is much more potent and helpful than fish oil. I've taken krill oil pills for years and have noticed a good difference.

Oh, and as I've aged, I no longer feel a need to take folic acid. These below, in 2019, appear to be enough daily for me, at least, currently. 

I've only been sick twice in 8 years, so I must be doing something right.  ツ

Vitamin D3
Krill oil
Vitamin C

And occasionally I take cranberry pills, but most days I do drink cranberry juice.



Jammie J. said...

You sound good ... and busy. :)

Vitamins can be a good thing when you figure out what you're supposed to be taking. Glad you found something that's helping!

... Paige said...

I'm not wearing a red hat yet, but folic huh?

and at this very moment I'm have my very own extra special personal summer.

have a safe & happy weekend

Robin in New Jersey said...

I thought folic acid was for pregnant women! I have been very bad about taking my calcium daily. It's hit or miss.