Thursday, March 17, 2022

Secrets and Another Birthday

Ha! That cartoon is so me these days. "Oh, for a treeless place," I muse. (If you'll drop by and view the hundreds of downed twigs out there, you'd not blame me.) シ

Anyway, ol' Debra had another birthday yesterday and perhaps for the first time, I didn't write a blog post on that day. Tried, though. 

But without the Holy Spirit's help, there's only struggle and frustration and who wants to remember creating thousands of blog posts that way? Not me, so whenever I sense He's moved on, I shut the computer and step away, as well.

Many writers would declare that too simplistic (or something else), but since I'll be leaving this Earth with having written over 3,500 blog posts, I'm content with that process.

Plus, writing without Him; what's the point?

Anyway, after the rare, dreary-beyond-belief fog burned off at noon, the day improved and as always, I so appreciated myriad birthday greetings from friends at Facebook. The afternoon prior, 4 birthday cards arrived in the mail--oh my! How glorious to open those at our sunny dining room table. 

How remarkable to have friends who still send snail mail.

Yet returning to rather high numbers, in the past nearly 3 years I've given away (or tossed) over 1,200 items. All in preparation for an upcoming move? Not always. Mostly because I felt God saying this was a  late life season of letting go. A long, long good-bye.

Here's what I've not yet told you about this decluttering: if you're imagining my home now has a new, fresh airiness, a simplicity and spaciousness, well, you're so wrong.

It looks about the same as before. Sigh.

But! (Here's the encouraging part.) On our calendar pages, I've kept track of the numbers of things I released, so now? Anyone can gaze around our house not spying a huge improvement, but I know what Tom and I have sacrificed.

I've taken notes. Done the work, paid attention. If I slip into criticalness this list, these numbers, encourage me. After all, it's about gratitude and if this aids my fellow declutter-ers, hooray! I'm thrilled.

Yet a deeper, hidden lesson is this: If you have relatives or friends who, these days, stare at you and quip, "You've changed? Really? I'm just not seeing it," then relax! 

If only you and our huge God know exactly the heart and mind clutter He's helped you release? That's all right. Eventually it'll show, along with a vital God-given humility, also, reminding you we can do nothing without Him---

---and wouldn't even wish to.

When God tells you, "Get your house in order," that's exactly when Grace is present to help you.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."   --- John 8:36


Are you aware of bookshelf tours over at Youtube? What fun to squint and peer at others' books, acquiring ideas for possible future reads of our own.

Speaking of that, I'm rereading these very pensive, dreamy books:

They're full of essays from the 90's, written for House Beautiful magazine. (Hooray! You can now find these over at Open Library.)

Anyway, does anyone have similar books to recommend? Ones full of essays about home/Life written by various authors (as opposed to just one)? Let me know, ok? 

I've let go of over 300 books during my Great Decluttering Season, but these 2 will never, ever be released. Never, ever.  ツ




Please remember: My posts are always about more than they appear to be. 


 "For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

Happy late birthday! I know what you mean about letting go. When we moved, I took 21 carloads, (with backseat down), and 3 truckloads to the thrift store. Everything we owned fit in a single car garage size storage unit and our camper. Now, we have a 3 bedroom house filled again. Most of it is furniture that was left by the previous owner, although we did buy the new living room set and a couch for the family room. I look around and wonder where it all came from, although I don't see it as cluttered. What we have now is important to us, either emotionally or practically.
Take care Debra and enjoy today!
Blessings and love,

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Debra. I'm glad you enjoyed your special day. Sometimes I get in such a hurry that I forget what a gift every single day is. Yes, our world is often upside down, but when you have God, you have everything. May this year of your life be filled with His presence, His fullness of joy, and His comfort. Sending a big hug! xoxo

Diana said...

HaPpY BeLaTeD BIrThDaY DeBrA! May the Lord continue to bless you with many more years to enjoy! I've never really had much in the first place, so don't have anything to "let go" of because what I do have is what I use nearly every day of my life (all practical use with some limited tiny items of sentimental value on the shelves of my "not china" hutch, which is only used for that) and is very limited anyway. Living in a couple hundred square feet of apartment doesn't give much storage space anyway lol. Since I've always been a minimalist and can't stand clutter, I've always told the kids, "Do NOT buy me STUFF" as I do not want it. I tell them, give me something practical... replace my toaster please lol... which a granddaughter took upon herself to do since no one else had and FINALLY did that for me last Christmas lol. But I totally understand peole who have a lot wanting to downsize and get rid of things. You know, I do not understand peole who have those huge homes (mansions) and fill them with expensive items and furniture, etc. that is never even used. What's the use? (To show off... I know that because I'm related to a few. Ugh.) I just want to live for the Lord without all the clutter... it's simple when there is not a lot of "stuff" in the way. Sending you big hugs and blessings!