Friday, September 11, 2020

Bits And Pieces From Hobbit Cottage


1.) Okay, this was different. 

It's a steam punk version of The Secret Garden(!) Not my favorite, ok, but the gadgets and clothing were super cool! Watch for free here (and no, I don't care what the title says; Colin Firth is not in this one!)  ジ

2.) Is everyone stocked-up on their tea lights? 

Walmart online has 100 for only $3.97. I like to keep these in mind for taking the chill off of a room during winter using those varied flower pot heater ideas. (I created my own version through trial and error and usually use votives, instead.)

And speaking of those, I burn votives in our fireplace all winter mostly for ambiance. Always, I buy these; best price, quality, plus they have cotton wicks--that's important. (I use my credit card rewards on these so I pay half.)

Anything used for emergency purposes I suggest buying now while you still can, for as you perhaps discovered last March: 

The middle of a crisis is not the time to prepare for one!

3.) And ha! I had to laugh at this, below:

4.) Are these Autumn-cute or what?

5.) When Tom began working from home I had to change my whole computer desk set up and this article showed me where I went all wrong. heh. 

Lots of helpful advice here for saving your back and your teeth, even!

6.) So have you heard of ebulbs

They're lightbulbs which charge as you use them, then they remain on during a power outage (awesome idea, right?). Tom and I currently are checking them out and thought our fellow preppers may find them interesting, as well.

7.) Am I still devouring the old original versions of Nancy Drew? Oh, yes, indeed. These arrived yesterday:

Those later, updated versions we grew up with in the 70's? Again, garbage. Now I can never go back.  シ

8.) Something else which whisks me away from this world's chaos? 

Those vintage music reaction videos I told you about. We're talking serious addiction to those, also. Man, I laugh, cry, and thank God for the musical gifts He gave so to bless our very hearts--and--for the folks who faithfully used their gifts rather than 'hem and haw' or hide them, instead, for decades.

Here's one of the latest reactions I discovered for my favorite Bee Gee's song, Too Much Heaven. Wow. What. A. Song! (Again, with headphones is best.)

"Everything we are will never die; love is such a beautiful thing."

9.) And yes, this, below. That's how social media can be, but don't let it keep you from sharing truth, ok? Always there will be people who listen, learn and reap the good.

(Just keep spreading seeds, no matter the flack! God will hold us responsible for that.)

10.) Those candle wicks I ordered (from Walmart) to use with leftover wax melts?

I'm able to cut them in half which means each candle-in-a-custard-cup costs only 5 cents since I'm using wax most people would just throw away. (Penny-pincher me is even toying with the idea of clipping the wicks into thirds!)

Easiest candles to make in the whole world.

I'm also saving the leftover wax from those candles to melt in a double boiler so I can use them again(!) 

11.) Photos like these Autumn ones, below. Happy sigh.




"For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

So much to like in today's post. That canning photo is me! We have 3 hurricane lamps here in the trailer on our dresser that were wedding gifts. I have kept them full of oil and extra wicks on hand for the odd power outage. Now I keep them for a host of other, "just in case" moments.
Those lightbulbs look really interesting. I'm going to look them up too although we don't have any regular bulhs in the RV and nowhere to put a lamp.
Take care and many blessings,

Betsy said...

I just have to add another comment that I just watched a couple of the reaction videos including the one you linked us too. I loved his reaction to the Bee Gees. I have always loved the Bee Gees, Carpenters, etc. How could anyone watch these videos and not have a reaction? He almost had me in tears watching his face hear this song for the first time. Thanks Debra.

Pam said...

Ahhh when I listened to the BeeGees singing "Too Much Heaven" I was transported way back. What glorious harmony those brothers made!!! Yes, love is still such a beautiful thing-even during hard times--especially during hard times. Debra, great idea to buy wicks and make your own candles. I'm not much into canning fruits and veggies, but I could get into jarring chocolate!

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Debra, I so loved this post. First off, please let us know if you do get the e-bulbs and try them out. They sure would make things a whole lot easier during power outages! Expensive but I think for in case of emergencies would definitely be worth it! Thank you so much for sharing - I'd never heard of these before now.

Also, like you - I had to laugh over the "Conspiracy theorist" pic you posted. Too funny!

I'd love to be able to have tea lights but weren't not allowed to have them in our building (and candles either) due to it being a 60 + unit building and the possibility of fires. I know with tea lights, it wouldn't be such a high risk but that's the rules.

We are allowed to have the plug-in wax warmers and I do have one but don't use it as much as I'd like to 'cuz honestly, I forget to plug it in.

Love the ready for winter canning jars and yep, that is my kind of canned items too. Ha! Ha! Okay, not this past month they haven't been but when the Dr. told me that I'm now a Type 2 diabetic, it woke me up real quick and I've changed my eating habits drastically (not saying I like it but it's for the best.

Have an awesome day!