Friday, April 06, 2018

Keep The Gratitude, Lose The Complaints (She Tells Herself)

"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."  ... Proverbs 17:22


Still here!

Yet Tom is, this moment, on a plane zooming over to San Francisco for business. I've spent this week laundering and ironing clothes for said trip and transitioning my head, also, for when it'll be just me and the cats and--thank-goodness--Jesus around here.

Unfortunately it's snowing again and we're due for another week of mid 30's so there go my dreams of gardening while Tom's away. 

But last Monday! Forty-four sunny degrees warmed my back and bounced off our yellow house while in my Prayer Garden I trimmed dead growth, gathered leaves and touched the soil reverently. 

A preview of delights to come, but oh my--the natives 'round here grow more restless. While sipping my coffee at the cafe this dark morning a woman stepped through the blowing snow and told the cashier, "I just can't take this anymore. Seriously, I can't. We just got back from vacation yesterday and this was supposed to be over."

Amen, sister. 😉 

Heh. No, I'll not complain, for Tom and I watched another wonderful Chernobyl documentary and, days later, it still shuts me up. Here's what I wrote about it at Facebook --

So Tom and I love documentaries about Chernobyl (we just do, ok?) and last night we watched the best one yet! It's called The Babushkas of Chernobyl and we saw it via Amazon Video. Wow, those women inspired us to appreciate all we have, to not be lazy and to, for heaven's sake, stop all our ridiculous complaining for, like, forever! Such a beautiful film because of their attitudes, their faith and the scenery, as well, was gorgeous except for the little matter of the radiation everywhere.  Highly, highly recommended for everyone, especially for all who've felt old, helpless and also distracted by our Country's turmoil.

Oh, those ladies!  The outside world treated them like disease-spreaders, so they sneaked back into their radioactive homes. And the wild thing? They've outlived many who remained in a safe area but who'd spent their years pining for the home and life they'd lost.

Even doctors admitted that the Chernobyl Ladies' gratitude and joy kept them healthy in the midst of decades of radioactive gardens, food, water, homes, clothing and all else. 

These women thanked God for their freedom, their gardens (though poisoned), and this constant gratitude boosted their immune systems. Not even an obvious-killer could wipe out these 70 and 80 year old ladies. 

Wow. An incredible lesson, especially for those of us complaining when Winter lies to us, saying he'll never let Springtime come again.

"A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh..."  ... Proverbs 14:30


Aha!  A friend of a friend today at Facebook said of her yet-another snowstorm:  "Oh my gosh! Seems like you're stuck in Narnia."

Yes! Just this morning I was trying to figure out what this feels like and that's it. The Snow Queen's curse. heh.



Y'all know I read vintage kids' novels. Now, some stand out as extra special, like this one--

"A birthday party set up but never attended, a box of rare jewels and an old well are mysteries surrounding a New England farmhouse."

I read this slowly so to make it last.


Also, I so enjoy Emily Kimbrough's books, yet wasn't sure I'd be able to get into this one--

--- about her years employed (in the 1920's) by Chicago's Marshall Field Department Store, but oh my! For reasons I don't even understand, I found it fascinating. I kept setting it down then researching online the people, shops, books and so much more she mentioned.

Another winner by Emily, imo.

(Oh, and usually here I give links for books, but before I purchase any of my quirkier-sort-of-books I, the great penny-pincher, also compare prices at and Ebay.)



Betsy said...

I just talked to my daughter in Omaha where they, too, are in the midst of a snowstorm today. It's supposed to be 70 there next week. I told her to "hang in there, spring is coming!" I went to the chiropractor today and he said we'll probably jump right from winter into summer and then we'll be complaining about the heat. He's probably right.
I love reading about those ladies of Chernobyl. I saw your post on FB and they inspire me. I whine too much! I've been trying to have more of an "attitude of gratitude" but some days I forget and become whiny Betsy again. :-(
Enjoy your time alone and try not to miss your Hubby too much.

Robin in New Jersey said...


Pam said...

Debra, my interest was sparked and I had to research the women of Chernobyl. Oh my! I have it so easy!! It's hard to imagine their courage and commitment to survive in those conditions.

Hey Betsy, we're supposed to jump 40 degrees next week, and land somewhere in the 70s, too! YIPPEE!!!

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Hi Debra,

As I sit here, there's snow on our trees, on the cars and all over the ground and I can sure see why people are so done with winter. ha! Still, this past week we've gotten snow at least 3 times and it's to snow some tonight into tomorrow but it's okay because I have changed my attitude.

I've decided to enjoy it's beauty because surely this won't last forever [Good Lord, I hope not! LOL] Anyways, every day the people in my building are complaining and I try to stay upbeat but I'm not sure that there is any changing those Negative Nellies. ha! ha!

This is not to say that I never complain as I have [and do at times] but I do try hard not to - mostly when I do, it's 'cuz it's below zero and snowing and blowing and I'm outside in it. lol

Spring is on the way!

Deborah Raney said...

Sounds like such a good movie! We'll have to check that out. I wanted to let you know that I saw 3 really good movies on a long flight recently. WONDER was...wonderful! I just loved it! So uplifting! Then GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN was another really good one. I'd been told it was kind of a downer, but I don't agree. It had a very redemptive ending, I thought. The last movie, BREATHE, I can't quite recommend as highly because while the message of the film is very inspiring and life-affirming, the ultimate ending is not pro-life. But still, it was an inspiring story about one of the longest polio survivors who became a courageous pioneering advocate for the disabled.

I always appreciate you sharing movies and books, so thought I'd add those three to your list.

Deborah Raney said...

P.S. We have snow in Kansas too. But I'm choosing to be grateful for the much-needed moisture...and trusting that since it's April, spring CAN'T be too far away, can it?? :)

Debra said...

Betsy--the Chernobyl ladies really have helped change me. What an inspiration and yes! Do hang in there--springtime is coming. Soon. :)

Robin-- :)

Pam--oh yes! Those ladies really are something and they've certainly stopped me from complaining about lots of things. We're due for 60's here on Friday--yay! We're so close to Springtime, I can smell it every time I walk out the door. Wonderful, right?

Debi---yes! Spring is really on its way and just think how much closer we are than back in January. :) Hooray!

Deb--I loved all those movies! Each one inspired me in different ways. Glad you're getting moisture over your way--we practically have to swim from our garage to our house--oh my! :)

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra