Tuesday, January 02, 2018

A New Year Means New Stories

    "Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid..."   ... Luke 12:7


So there ol' Debra was, New Year's Eve, sleeping peacefully inside her cute closet bedroom when, "Boom! Boom! Boom!" awoke her. 

Hmmm. Wasn't the huge always-shakes-me snowplow, though it sounded similar. 

The booming continued, so I stepped into my new so-warm, ice-blue robe then hobbled down the stairs where I met Tom. We both said, "Oh. It's midnight. Happy New Year." Yawn.

Yet not till after Tom stepped into the bathroom did I see the gorgeous fireworks filling our bay window. Wow! Colored light spears exploded over the huge motel on the river and I had one of the best seats on the block for the show. 

Red, green, blue and gold lights flickered upon our table glass, even. So cool. Tom, though, stood beside me maybe 6 1/2 seconds, then returned to bed.

Yet I remained transfixed the entire 15 minutes of showering lights, my heart full of gratitude to a God who so often, in two states even, made sure we bought houses where--if there are fireworks to be viewed--we'd see them from our windows.

Always, I feel like He brings the gorgeous light shows to a couple of home-loving introverts like us. I really do believe He's that kind, that loving. That thoughtful.


 The happiest of new years to all my readers! May you gather many new stories brimming-over with gratitude to a God who loves His kids so very much. 

Voiced-gratitude and praise-- they're much more powerful, Earth-changing than we realize. Use them lavishly.


"Complain and remain. Praise and be raised."   --- Joyce Meyer

Make it a wonderful year. Finish the things you began in 2017. Ask God what to begin next. Sit with God, walk with Him, stand when He says, "Wait." Be creative, giving and kind. Do good to others and say "I appreciate you," often. Scribble all sorts of wonderful things upon the empty, clean pages of 2018!


And to those of you who encouraged me to finish the photo book? It's done! And ordered, two even, one for my mom on Mother's Day.

Seriously, this Mixbook place is meant for us who require things to be simple. Wow. My first book took hours, but at least they were happy hours, not frustrating ones.

Oh! And afterward I received an email saying if I sent Mixbook an email address of a friend who later completed a book, they'd give us both $20 off the next one we made(!) So if you think you might be interested, feel free to email me your address and I'll send it to them. GladOne4@yahoo.com

Other thoughts about Mixbook--

This was a terrific place in which to learn tons of tricks in compiling a photo book. It's free to play around with as long as you like.

As far as I can tell--even if you don't order your book--you can share the online version with friends(!)

Oh, and if you'd like to see my finished online book--and if you already know my last name (it appears on the book and I do like to keep a semblance of anonymity here at this blog), you can email me for a link. Again, at GladOne4@yahoo. com


Currently just down our street, really --

Brrrrrr. But we're warmer today! Tom and I rejoiced this morning that we were up to 13 degrees F.  😉



Betsy said...

Happy New Year Debra! How fun to be able to see the fireworks from home. We're introverts too and there was NOO way we were going out on the snow and ice covered roads for the partys. So, although we heard lots of booms and crashes, we saw no fireworks.
I would love to see your photo book. queenbetsy2gmail.com is my address although I think you already have it.
I hope you're having a wonderful day my friend.

Saija said...

oh how cool!!!! i can so relate ... i can see the fireworks at our town dock, from our condo ... and all the parades in our little town march right by our deck ... GOD truly does give lavish gifts to His children ...

i was kinda sad last night that i didn't get to see the "wolf moon" (it was cloudy) ... but this evening as i closed the drapes THERE was a "just as full" version of it on grand display ... i hadn't really missed a thing ... :D

Happy New Year to you and Tom!