Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Scary Thing Happened Saturday ...

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." ... John 14:27


So while Netflixing a movie Saturday afternoon (Promised Land. We muted the language. Loved the twist at the end.), Tom and I jumped when someone knocked at the door.

It was Darius, asking if we'd seen his grandma. Sally. (This initially tickled me because Darius is a big, strong black man and Sally is a tiny, elderly white lady. Her granddaughter, Misty, is married to Darius.)

Anyway, turns out Sally was missing! My best friend in the neighborhood--eegads! Darius explained that he and Misty awoke around noon to find Sally gone. Buddy The Dog was still home so Sally hadn't gone for a walk (it appeared)--she always takes Buddy with her. They'd checked everywhere for Sally.

Tom asked a few questions. I replied, "I've not taken my walk today, so I'll do that now and see if she's in the neighborhood." Tom said he'd take the car and drive around. We could tell Darius felt better for our help.

So I headed out, asked Neighbor Mike (who was weed-eating...hmm... that looks odd, but you know what I mean) if he'd seen Sally, but no, he hadn't. So I continued walking.

Arriving home, I noticed Misty sitting on the red chair on their porch, so we chatted. What concerned her was that the backdoor had been left wide-opened and as she continued, I discovered one important clue Darius omitted: Sue (Sally's daughter, Misty's mom) had left her cell phone home, so Misty and Darius had no way to ask if she'd, earlier, taken Sally someplace with her. And hadn't left a note.

I told Misty, "I'm thinking that's what probably happened, but I'll go home and pray, anyway." She thanked me.

Tom arrived soon after and said that, yes, Sally had run an errand with Sue. All was well.


But you know? Each time I began to get afraid during this unusual turn of events, God nudged me to stay calm. Breathe. Pray. Believe for the best.

Often we must go deeper than our surface emotions. You know, set aside all the bad stories we've heard over the years and instead, calmly ask God, "What are you saying? How do you want me to react or speak or feel?" 

When we can do that, we're on our way to living a saner, less yanked-around-by-drama, peaceful life. And how sweet that is.


"DO NOT BE AFRAID is written in the Bible 365 times. Thats a daily reminder from GOD to live every day being fearless."   ... unknown

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord."   ...Isaiah 55:8

"What time I am afraid I will trust in You."   ...  Psalm 56:3


Years ago I made 'where I am notes' on index cards and still keep them in a drawer. On each is written something like, "I went for a walk." "I'm next door at Sally's." "I'm shopping at Tops." Etc. If Naomi's upstairs or due home soon, or Tom's in bed, I just grab the appropriate note and leave it on our kitchen island before leaving anywhere. 

Easy peasey communication.


In 1969, I was ten and a favorite friend's oldest sister looked very much like this:

Oh, I thought that 'look' was so very 'with-it', enviable and cool!

The funny thing? Forty+ years later I still think it is.   :)

Anyone else?


Speaking of long ago, by way of my buddy, Susan, at Facebook, I saw these marvelous 1950's photos of Seattle. Instantly they reminded me of Betty MacDonald's wonderful book, Anybody Can Do Anything, (even though her story took place in the 40's).  If you're also a fan of that book, I think you'll see what I mean.

(When you get there, click on the tiny photos on the right.)



Betsy said...

That would be a worrisome situation. How nice that you and your husband were willing to help, many people aren't willing to do that these days. I'm very happy all is well. I tend to be a worrier and so I'm constantly reminding myself of those verses in the Bible that say "do not be afraid". Have a lovely day my friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Terra Hangen said...

Hurray, Sally is safe. What a scare, and yes, the Bible is filled with do not fear Scriptures which are very powerful.

Elizabeth Savage said...

Yes I love that calming assurance that everything is o.k. when it seems as though it may not be!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So glad the grandmother was ok! Scary, indeed.

You were ten? I was 24! And that look was what my mother called "eyes like burnt holes in a blanket". I loved it!

Susan Humeston said...

I had a friend in 3rd grade whose older sister was the epitome of the 60's London look - heavy on the eye makeup, hair slightly bouffant. Her older brothers were in rock bands. Their mother was widowed and at her wits end, a dedicated Catholic with 60's love generation kids. I just looked at them with awe. The best thing about them? Their mom had an old taxi from the 50's - all steel - with two stools in the back set area that folder up or down as needed. I've always wanted one of those - that thing was like a tank.

I've never been able to get used to myself with eye makeup of any heft - I've used eye shadow and mascara, but can't get used to eye liner. At 60, I doubt I ever will. I've never been able to get the hang of foundation either. It's just lipstick and a little rouge for me - for color - after that it's all natural.