Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When The Universe Finally Let Us Order Carpet

You do not have, because you do not ask God. – James 4:2


We tried to order carpet last year. Last year

But something went wrong at each store (don't ask) and we came home discouraged, telling each other, "We'll try again next Spring."

Well, I already told you what happened 'next Spring'. It wasn't pretty.

But last Saturday, Tom and I declared we'd order carpet or else. So after a few skimpy-came-away-with-nothing yard sales, we drove to a carpet store in a tiny strip mall we'd passed hundreds of times over two decades. But when we pulled into the parking lot, oh my! It was crammed with cars--and at only 10:00 a.m.. Good grief. I told Tom, "Gracious! The Universe really is against us buying carpet. Wow."

But eventually we found a (far away) parking space and discovered later that only one day of the year is it like that.  That's when the dance studio sells recital tickets--and we'd picked that one day.

Well, the owner's grandson greeted us, then his grandfather helped us find exactly what we wanted (it helped that we brought measurements and a carpet sample). The total came to $200 less than the last store, they'll send out 4 guys to help us move furniture so we won't have to hire movers(as we'd planned) and the owner's son is coming today to take official measurements.

This all took less than 15 minutes(!) With wide eyes, Tom walked out in a clear state of shock. He kept asking, "Can you believe how fast that was?" I walked out saying, "Now, that's the way a business should be run."

My, my, my.

Anyway, since we loved our off-white berber carpet at Autumn Cottage so much (and since it still looked new after 11 years), we wanted the same (or very close to it) stuff. Here's a photo of what we had before, for inquiring minds who want to know:

(Not a very large photo, but if you squint, you'll get the idea.)

Today's lesson? Hang in there. Keep the faith, be patient and contented in the meantime. Use wisdom and rely upon God's directions, not your head's. 

Oh, and always take measurements with you when you go to the carpet store.  :)



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Pam said...

Don't you just love it when a plan finally comes together!! This was a monumental week at our house, too. The carpenter (finally) came and took care of several small jobs that hubby and I couldn't do ourselves. I was nearly giddy when he showed up, and I didn't even mind paying the bill. Anxious to hear how you like your new carpet.

Terra said...

Amazing how easy it was (finally) to order your carpet. I bet that is a locally owned store where they have pride in helping people. I got a kindle book you linked about recently, A Lady in France, or I think it was you. It is a memoir.