Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is this ladybug tea kettle cute, or what? A yard sale find today. So Mary Englebreit-y. 

We had a huge thunder/lightning/torrential rain storm this afternoon and I'm grateful Tom was home because ok, I morph into a huge sissy coward during these big storms. The electricity went out twice, but came back on soon after. The siren downtown sounded for the volunteer firefighters, too (perhaps a house was struck by lightning? It happens in our area). I have friends who enjoy these sorts of storms (are they insane?), but as I said, I do not.

Yet all's well now, except for the remaining heat and humidity. But alas, it is summer, in Buffalo after all, and complaining about the weather will do no good. We're attempting to leave the air-conditioner stored down in the basement until at least July 1st (to save $$ and set a personal record), but at this rate that's gonna be a challenge. 

(Sitting here sweating as I am, I'm ever so tempted to sneak down there right now and lug the thing up here.)

But hey, I'm not complaining.  シ


Donetta said...

I love the tea pot!
Can you get a hold of a dehumidifier?

Elizabeth said...

That is a cute teapot !

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Hi Deb! I'm not too crazy about the heat either! But I love the light and the long days this time of year...If you use your airconditioner at a high setting, it should still help with the humidity which would make you more comfortable....And I'm one of those people who feel happy and energized in thunder storms. I read once that the air has more positive ions at these times and it slightly increases the oxygen in our blood. If true, maybe that's why I feel that way. But once, long ago and far away, when I was at summer camp near a small lake in Indiana, the thunder was so loud it assaulted our ears and I did end up feeling quite frightened. It's never been so loud again, for which I'm thankful!

Queen of France said...

i LOVE storms - the power of the thunder, lightening and rain? Amazing.

Probably stems from being in my Daddy's arms standing on the front porch with my grandfather during storms, while my mother and grandmother were 'scolding' them for being outside with the baby(me). Yeah, i used to love that part as much as the storm...kinda like i was being bad with Daddy and Pop-Pop! LOL

But to this day, i just love storms and sitting on the porch watching them.


Andylynne said...

I bought a new tea pot today too. Not as cute as yours, but I like it :) The dehumidifyer is a good idea. But they do put out heat so be careful where you set it, no sense making the eat worse.
I love Thunder Stoms and wish I could just sit and watch one for hours. But I repsect the damage they can cause. Nothing to fool with.

Tracy said...

Ah, yes! I can so relate. It's been a scorcher here in south Alabama.