Monday, December 17, 2007

Tons of This and That

So Tom and I went and saw Will Smith's I Am Legend on Saturday.

Oh my goodness. I'm glad we saw it, but it was 1,000 times scarier than the previews made it appear. Lotsa times I had to lift up the collars of my two shirts over my eyes because those Seekers of the Dark freaked me out. They didn't bother Tom much, but hours later (spoiler alert) Tom said, "I'm still thinking about that poor dog, Sam." I told him, "Hey, it was just a movie. That very dog is probably out working on another film right this minute."

Tom laughed. I think he felt better after that. Though I Am Legend was rated PG-13, I, personally, wouldn't take any child under 25. :) But like I said, Tom and I enjoyed it. Mostly. Will Smith's house and the manikins at the video place were my favorite parts.


You'd never ever guess what I did this morning on the floor of our kitchen. In my quest to declutter and pack, I went through a wicker chest of Naomi's baby clothes, books and toys. I held her tiny pajamas to my nose and inhaled--and got all teary-eyed with sweet memories. (Yes, like Debra did on Everybody Loves Raymond. I've seen that yard sale episode probably 5 times and cried each time, too. It's a mommy thing.)

But I pressed on and was able to keep only enough to fill a small box instead of the long wicker chest. The rest I put in a box for Naomi to keep and a bag for Salvation Army. But oh my--those baby clothes! Even after nearly 28 years they still get to me.


After my last post,Mari-Nanci asked why we haven't bought a snow blower, living in snow country and all... and well, I have a whole long list of excuses:

1. Up until last winter I didn't mind shoveling snow. Since I'm such a 'winter hibernator' it's the only real exercise I get and I'd probably gain 30 pounds each year if I never shoveled snow.

2. I hate the thought of adding more gasoline fumes to our already horrible air quality around here. I feel guilty enough just using a lawn mower.

3. We've said for the last three years, "Why get a snow blower? We'll just be moving South soon." Huh.

4. We (mostly I) didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for something I could do for free.

5. A snowblower would take up space in our already-crowded shed and just maneuvering it past our carport and our car to the front of the driveway seemed way, way too complicated. Seemed much easier to just whip out a shovel from the basement.

6. I've heard a ton of horror stories about people losing their fingers and hands while using snow blowers. And well, knowing myself as well as I do, I'd probably be one of those people.

Need I go on? But thanks for asking, Nanci. I know you're just looking out for me. :)


Mrs. S. said...

i giggled at your i am legend retelling
i can't wait to see it
thanks for the post!
i love reading what you write!

Saija said...

i'm looking forward to seeing it too ... but since there aren't any theatres around here, i wait for the dvd ... :)