Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Marys of This World

Jesus was visiting in the home of Lazurus and his sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary sat, enthralled, at the feet of Jesus, listening to every one of His God-inspired words. Martha, though, was out in the kitchen preparing the meal, and more than likely, giving Mary dirty looks. How could Mary be so unconcerned? So apathetic?

And yes, Jesus saw this childish interplay. Did He say, "Martha, congrats on being such a hard worker. Mary, get in there and do as Martha is doing!"? No, He said, "Martha, are worried about many things. But Mary has chosen the better thing."

Mary understood 'timing' as it's described in Ecclesiastes 3. She realized dinner could wait, because Jesus had chosen to speak *now* instead of waiting until after the meal. (Ok, that's not always the case, but that was the case then.) Mary understood that. Martha did not.

So what happens these thousands of years later to the Mary's? They choose the better thing as Jesus instructed and in our 'enlightened age' they still receive the dirty looks. They hear the "head in the sand" comments. The "non-thinker, ignorant Christian' insults. Mary is still accused of being lazy and a 'non-worker.'

And at first it hurts. But only at first. Soon the Mary's realize they are the ones with incredible peace. The joy unspeakable and full of glory. The Mary's love their life, each day of it, because Jesus is the center of that life, in reality, not just in platitudes. They wait for Him, as a baby robin waits with an open mouth, ready to receive its mother's bread crumbs. Remarkably, they even believe that since the Bible reflects God, He was big enough, powerful enough to make sure it would represent Him correctly~~with no mistakes. There was too much at risk to allow errors.

And because Mary's are fulfilled by Jesus, they don't race around in the same circles as everyone else. They don't need a high-powered career or a big house or a new car to be happy, fulfilled or powerful. No, Jesus is enough.

But who understands that, other than fellow Mary's? Who will listen to their explanations of their contentment other than those with open, seeking hearts?

And I guess that's why it appears that Mary's are in their own little worlds. Because they are.

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Dolores said...

I don't know if you'll see this, but I am rereading all of your posts. So interesting and beautiful!