Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Best Life? It's In There.

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."  ...Psalm 32:7


Yesterday I stepped around our yard and took photos of my much-loved Autumn daisies, a plant which patiently spends Spring and Summer flowerless, only preparing to bloom (there's a lesson in there somewhere) ...

As I told our new neighbor, Sally, this side of our house is my favorite because it feels private and I can sit and memorize my flowers.

Gladys Taber and her friend, Eleanor, had a Quiet Garden and so do I, even though mine is wildly different than theirs. And sometimes I call it my Prayer Garden, instead. You can give a place two names, you know. No one will drive up and arrest you if you do. 

And here is the new guy who lives out there:

Is he the cutest alligator you've ever seen or what? How can I not smile at his huge grin? (A $1 yard sale find.)

I hope you have created a peaceful yard for yourself, a place that's always upright no matter how far the world is tilting. And/or that you've created such a place inside you where you can go anytime, no matter what the month or weather, a place where God calms your heart and shows you how to keep it that way.

Some studies show that stress in middle-age can increase the possibility of developing Alzheimer's. I've certainly seen how I become practically brainless when I get stressed-out, how my thoughts suddenly feel like whirling, shooting Skittles. Ask me a simple question while in that state and I'd have to calm myself, wait for the Skittles to drop, then answer your question.

I've noticed if I want to think clearly, I must think calmly. 

And I've realized that if I want to enjoy my days, I must remain balanced, grateful and creative within the world inside me, the one where God lives. He and I, together, must decide how I'll act and react and view what's going on around me. Bad circumstances or people or this world-gone-downhill don't decide all that for me. God and I do. Together we choose something better.


"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."  ... Romans 8:37

If we let circumstances or other people, regrets and offenses design our present Life, most likely they'll create something which looks nothing like what we wanted and needed most.


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My Amazon gift card money (from Swagbucks and Savingstar) burned a hole in my pocket (as they say) and so this morning I ordered The Painted Home after I peeked inside it. It must look pretty special because just last week I decided I'd grown eternally tired of decorating books and magazines!


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