Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life In My 'Hood

So on Monday afternoon I watched a crime show where a man in his 20's had three 'friends' his age who kept encouraging him to kill people, except that only he (and we, the audience) could see them. He kept telling these friends to leave him alone, but they stayed and tempted him, anyway.

(Don't worry... right before the violence happens in these shows, I jump up off  The Red Couch and go dust, wash or fold something.) :)

Well. After that episode ended, I pulled on my long black snow-shoveling coat so to go open the garage door for a soon-arriving-home Tom. But as I stepped outside, a young man in a red hoody raced down the center of the quiet street beside our house. A very strange sight! I paused with my hand upon the doorknob so I could dash back inside lest he veer my way, but he didn't even glance at me.

His footfalls continued down the street and though tempted to step back inside the house awhile, I thought, "No. I refuse to let myself be afraid," and continued toward the garage.

But that's when, from a distance, I heard the young man shout, "Leave me alone!". I quickly looked through our near-leafless hedges and saw him a block away, but not one person was near him bothering him. I watched as he continued running around a corner.

Oh dear. (Insert the Twilight Zone theme music here.)

But while I pushed up the garage door, the verse, "Be not afraid of sudden fear," came to me and too, I fought the temptation to think, "What is this neighborhood coming to?" Instead, I prayed for this young man and all those out there like him. Prayer and confidence in God's protection are kinder, braver choices.


Then the next morning, three broad-winged hawks flew to my house. Wow. I'd only seen one-at-a-time three instances before and now a couple spent hours, off and on, in our yard and I snapped a ton of blurry photos for Tom who never seems to be home when these hawks fly in.

God surely created some gorgeous animals, indeed, and how kind of Him to send them to my home.


I've not mentioned favorite books in awhile, but I do hope you've read these:

(I also own Man of the Family but it must have wandered into the wrong stack.)

Oh my goodness--these are amazing true stories from Ralph Moody's childhood through his teenage years. I've read Mary Emma and Company at least 15 times and you know? If you asked me at the end of my life which authors I was most grateful to have found, Ralph Moody would be near the top of that list. Seriously.


Each day when I trudge through the snow to feed the birds, I feel like Gladys Taber and her friend, Jill (Eleanor) and always think of them.


"Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving..."  ...Colossians 4:2


Anonymous said...

We had a hawk come in yesterday. Unfortunately he was after the small birds at the window feeder. He hit the glass and turned around...whew!


Echoes From the Hill said...

I love Ralph Moody books. I read most of them when I was in junior high school. I have all of the books he wrote, and revisit them from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Bird feeding in the snow...loved those days when we were in our house over a year fun to watch them and the squirrels. We gave up on bird feeders, with the squirrels taking on those challenges, and just threw out the seed all over our deck...that way everyone got to bird or squirrel cannot guard the whole deck at one time!! Learned not to get seeds with corn in them...that only called the crows who are so mean to other birds. No corn? No crows chasing the other birds!!
Elizabeth in NC