Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Never Work

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."


That's what our local weather woman quoted yesterday and you know? I feel so grateful that I've tasted that these past 34 years of married life.

I've loved keeping house. Well, ok... mainly. Making sandwiches, cleaning the bathroom, the basement and under beds, not to mention changing sheets--well, not so much. And laundry. I'm not a huge fan of doing laundry. But most everything else I either love naturally or have forced disciplined my head to enjoy it. 

I gaze back at decades of homemaking and smile, even with all the crazy frugal stuff I've done so to live on one income, especially the few times we overextended ourselves. The reusing, revamping (and every other 're' word) and tweaking, substituting, growing fruits and vegetabels and making-do. The necessity to be creative in order to get what I wanted (or a version of it) ... and the not seeing much of it really as 'work.' Even though it was.

I hope you'll believe me when I say this: Because I enjoyed the challenges of these past 34 years, I don't feel I made any sacrifices. God provided everything we ever needed and showed me how to create what I wanted. What a combination.. what a great, wise, loving God. Without Him? I'd likely be on our couch right now in a fetal position. (Hey, think I'm kidding?) :)

And my 'part-time job' of couponing and sales-only shopping, both which I've done off and on since 1979? Last year I saved over $2,600 on groceries, gas and books at amazon.com and this year I'm aiming for $3,000. I'm currently rereading How I Feed My Family on $16 A Week, a book from 1975 with some wild, low grocery prices which enabled JoAnn York to do that, but you know? By combining sales with coupons I'm even beating some of her 1970's prices(!) Always getting a few groceries free each week, as well.

Love that, too.

I highly recommend doing what you love. Or loving what you must do. Either one will create a life worth living, remembering.

Mostly? I believe the majority of Life happens inside our heads. How we view it, think about it, deal with it. Do your best in all things and believe the very best is yet to come (no matter who tells you it's not). Aim for what seems beyond your reach so that Life will always appear as an exciting challenge. Those are, like, vital to enjoying our fleeting, oh-how-they-fly days down here.

At least, that's how I see it... and have tried to live it, by much trial and error, lesson after lesson, for decades. And have--overall--found it Good.


"So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?'  For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."   ... Matthew 6:34


Do you like the music of the Beatles? Then you may enjoy this Christian song by a group which reminds me much of The Beatles. Decide for yourself here. (When this song comes on my kitchen radio I turn it way, way up.)  :)


Tried Swagbucks yet? Since I've been getting all my coupons.com coupons through their website, my amazon.com gift cards have been coming in hot and heavy. I consider Swagbucks part of my part-time job activities--and it's fun and nearly effortless.

I also check-in daily at my supermarket's website for their current promotional 'games', including adding their click-to-card coupons.


"For the Scriptures say, "If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies."   ... 1 Peter 3:10

 "... fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.... but the joy of the Lord is my strength..."   ... 1 John 4:18 and Nehemiah 8:10


Tracy said...

I'd much rather be home than out in the working world, but decisions - not of my making - have made it a necessity. It's really hard to not feel resentment about that, but I'm working on it and trying to make the best of it.

Debra said...

Yep Tracy... You are definitely at the "loving what you must do" stage. And with God, it's really, really possible! Keep remembering this is only for a season, ok? And I'll keep praying that it will be a short season.... Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to be a housewife. It was a natural fit for me. I am very blessed that I got to do it. I live my dream job. Too few can say that. Yes it took some stretching {or rather a lot! :)} to be able to do it but so worth it. As I have said, I like to think of savings and all of this stuff as a game and not get bogged down by any aspect. There seems to always be a way to learn new things to help. I think it is rather fun and exciting!! I also reread JoAnn York's book yearly. I also have the magazine article on her and a couple other women who feed their families on what they thought then as incredible low sums. So inspiring. A sacrifice getting to do my job? No a privilege!! :-) God has so blessed us, smoothing the way and being there right with us. I can't imagine how people live without knowing Him. Joann lived in New York..right? Prices were high in N. Y. I think she said but she managed even there. I wish there had been a follow up on her through the years. Through the years I have found many old cookbooks and homemaking books and such that have inspired me. How other women have been there and done it too. Yes our attitude makes so much difference in our lives and in the lives of all we touch. Sarah