Saturday, March 09, 2013

What I'm Doing

Uh-oh! It's one of those times where I feel like enjoying my life rather than writing about it, so if I miss a few days here, don't worry. I'm just having fun.

Like yesterday-- I finally discovered more seasons than just the first one of Extreme Couponing and I watched those online till I was bleary-eyed (but delighted).

And ok, these folks purchase some things I never would, but hey! I can still allow them to inspire me to do better with my own coupon purchases and stockpile. I don't understand how people can totally ignore other folks' ideas/teachings/sermons/wisdom-giving-experiences just because they disagree with one part of it. To me, that is extreme! 

Oh, what we miss sometimes...

Anyway, I'm putting together an emergency supply tote, you know, in case we ever had to suddenly leave the house in a disaster or had to remain here during one, as well. There are lots of lists for these online (here's one). 

A great idea came to me while reading them: You know those daily 'free stuff emails' I've spoken of? Where you can send for free items which arrive in your mail box at home? (Here's one.) Well, many of those items are perfect for an emergency kit ...

... and so I've packaged my latest arrivals and placed them inside the tote. I add a few items from the lists each day--that's my favorite way to do anything--watching accomplishment happen slowly, easily over time.

Plus, we had sunshine this week(!), I've been reading at our sunny dining room table while listening to gorgeous French music and picking-up fallen twigs out on the lawn and -- Well, you get the idea. Just having a marvelous time while awaiting Spring. We're due for 45 sunny degrees today and I'm ecstatic, especially with the peeks of lawns again. The Frozen World Look was really getting to me (as if you hadn't guessed that).

So there you go and now you'll know where I am on the days you don't hear from me. I'm just hanging around, gratefully rejoicing, happy as a lark. :)



Bonnie said...

Being Californians we've always had an emergency (earthquake) kit. It was such a relief when I could slowly over the years take out the baby formula....diapers....etc. Everything seems a little less scarey when you don't have to worry about protecting your children.

Enjoy your little respite from blogging, Debra. We'll be here when you return. : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder...been busy with other pursuits, but one really should have such. One daughter had a wildfire get so close to her house that it blistered the paint, and the neighbor's was burnt to the ground and he perished. She had 5 minutes to gather her things, her dogs and cats. The dogs she managed, the cats hid and would not come, so she and the dogs barely got out in time. She was so fortunate that she did not loose the house and cats!! She recommended some important papers kept handy for a fast departure. We really need to update our stuff.
Elizabeth in VA now...

Deborah Raney said...

"I'm just hanging around, gratefully rejoicing, happy as a lark."

And THAT is exactly why I always love reading your blog. I always leave feeling cheered and uplifted and determined to gratefully rejoice myself. Thanks, Debra! Don't stay away too long!