Thursday, March 07, 2013

Field Trip Day!

I've got only pieces of blog posts swirling around my brain lately so today let's take a couple field trips instead, ok? These posts by Stephanie and Sara will do your heart great good... I guarantee it (such excellence in both posts!). 

So let's hop on the bus and get going!

What Simplicity Isn't: 4 Things

Who Told You?



Oh, and when you arrive back home you may want to watch the recently-added second season of Man, Woman, Wild at Netflix. Tom and I enjoy this show much (I wrote about it previously here.) Mykel and Ruth take us to dangerous-but-incredible places we'll never visit and it's fun watching them relate to each other in the middle of some hairy, scary situations. 

Our conclusions? They're more patient with each other and with rugged, treacherous terrain than we'd ever be. And anyone in message boards who says they'd be better behaved than Mykel and Ruth, well, they're likely idealistic, unaware of who they really are and have never spent cold, sleepless nights without food and water in the wild before--and thus--probably shouldn't even be venturing opinions about Mykel's and Ruth's relationship at all.

Personally, Tom and I think they should be nominated for wild adventure sainthood. heh. :)


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Pat said...

I find Mykel and Ruth so entertaining! I would never even consider going to or doing the things they do. Goodness, I don't even like to put boots on if it snows!
I admire their adventurous spirit!