Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Others Said

My buddy, Judy, shared this article and oh wow. What a wake-up, especially for young parents or grandparents, even. Made me more grateful than I already am that the Internet wasn't around while Naomi was tiny. I'd have had no problems with cell phones (still can't stand them and often can't remember how to use ours), but yes, with the Internet world and blogging--the balancing act there would have been rough.

And oh my goodness.... This was downright scary for anyone who isn't, well, paying attention to tiny details or who has problems with numbers or who is aging day by day (ha). A Typo Cost This Woman A Fortune --  I'll bet she's doing things quite differently now. (Another wake-up call for each of us. I will be quadruple checking all my numbers everywhere!)

In other news....  Ol' Tom is considering a job in Virginia. Just thought I'd let you know, but as always, do not hold your breath. (The town is far inland, not on the coast, don't worry... )

Oh, and here's a house there I liked, though yes, the roof might need work and we'd have to hire someone to mow (though knowing Tom, he'd probably like to have a tractor again), but hey! It comes with a piano and how could you say no to that?  heh...

"Nice Home located in the county with 3 BR and 1.5 bath. Home has beautiful Pine Floors. This home is loaded with Vintage Charm including an Antique Wood Stove located in the Kitchen. Home has a Living Room, Dining Room, Eat-in Kitchen, Sunroom and enclosed Porch. Outbuildings located on the property may be perfect for storage, a workshop, an at home business or meeting space. Antique Wood Stove in Kitchen, Refrigerator, Microwave and Range, Window Air Conditioner, Gas Heat Circulator, Electric Heater and Piano Convey."

(All for just $79,900.)

And lastly, guess who's thinking she finally came down with her yearly bout with cabin fever?  Ugh... but yay! The sun is attempting to shine and today is to be our last of arctic cold where we barely reach 20 degrees. Hopefully, our last for the winter (I can dream!).



Elizabeth said...

Oh Debra that house is beautiful and much closer to us,love that idea!

Echoes From the Hill said...

What a cute house! The antique stove in the kitchen would be a bonus. I have one and it is wonderful!

Judy's post really rings true. I see it all the time. Just walk into any large store and you will see a mom, with young children, talking on her cell phone.

Regarding the other post, that is a huge lesson in the need to communicate with your spouse regarding money! How could he not know that her paycheck wasn't deposited for any length of time?


Debra said...

Elizabeth--thanks! I'm glad you like the house, too. It's cute, isn't it?

Nancy--oh, I know! That lesson comes under the 'never assume anything' heading. God worked that one into me for over a year, but I'm thankful it didn't amount to $40,000! I'm sure both the husband and wife communicate better now. Or I hope they do. ;)

Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

Not only do parents have the phone in their hands but put a movie in the car for the kids to watch or a game boy or whatever device. {is that because the parents are too busy themselves to be bothered by their kids talking? } The kids keep their eyes and minds on the game and not on parents or the trip or anything even outside the window of the car!! VERY SAD. Also how about the parents that play music in the car so loud that when they drive down your street you can hear the boom boom of the base inside your own home. Yet a child is fastened in a seat belt in THAT SAME car. {Probably going deaf.} I have heard of parents putting plastic realistic skulls and such bobbling in front of toddlers like toys and the windows having very scary decals in them too. Fun! ??? Where are your minds parents?? Ok I am off my rant.... Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh I do like that house and the idea of being able to cook or heat the home without city utilities is great. To be as self sustaining as possible would be a consideration. Some areas have banned anyone from installing a new wood burning fireplace. {too much smoke] You can though have a wood burning stove still I believe. Even wood burning fireplaces put most of the heat up the chimney unless vented back into the room. Looks like a lot of land round that house!! Are we going back to the farm? :) I know you are just looking round at real estate and I do so enjoy the looks too. I too can dream. I always thought it would be nice to live with another family or relative and work the little land we had together. I have also read many bad stories of friendships going bad etc over that and to treat it like a business and put all thoughts up front for all to see{and on paper]. Thus to avoid problems later. There was a good article on that a while back in I believe Back Woods Home. Sorry, another rabble. :-) Sarah

Debra said...

Aw Sarah... I enjoy your 'rabbles'. :) That house sits on 1 acre and I think that's the absolute limit we would consider. One-half acre is better, one quarter acre better yet, and we've seen many houses on all those amounts during our recent searches in four different states.

Yes, when friends or relatives live with us there should be some clear understandings made at first *before* negative things happen, that way fewer feelings are hurt because we can be more specific without people thinking we're referring to something they did. Better to address things before so to not point fingers.

And it's never easy having others live with us although I've seen when it's part of God's plan there's also much grace there which makes it easier and even pleasant. When it wasn't God's plan, well, we're on our own and it's rough. It's also rough when we haven't learned to receive grace or if we, ourselves, still have control issues we refuse to let go of. :)

Everything, it seems, feels easier after we let God change us however He wishes!

Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra

a8383 said...
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Anonymous said...

We have truly loved our sojourn here in Virginia. The state motto is "Virginia is for Lovers"...maybe so. We just found the most awesome "hole in the wall" place to eat tonight via an AmazonLocal deal (maybe you know of those email deals). So I know of one FAB place to eat in Richmond at least. We love where we are living too...about 45 minutes east of town.

The house looks interesting!! Will be interesting to see where you end up!!
Elizabeth now in VA

Anonymous said...

Sorry...not rabblings but ramblings!!! :-) Silly me.... Sarah :)

Mary said...

Is it near Richmond? I'd love to have you as a neighbor! Cute, cute house.

Anonymous said...

Nice country house. May I ask why you are moving? I thought you were quite happy in your Hobbit Cottage.

All the best,

Marie in Nova Scotia

Debra said...

Angela-- Oh, I know. I don't check my statements every month, not even close, but certainly more than every two years. :) Again, I'm thinking this couple is doing things differently now, and too, we've all made mistakes, some costly, some not so much.

Elizabeth--I'm glad you like VA! It does sound nice there from what I've read.

Mary--this town is around 230 miles from Richmond. But hmmm... Tom's not received a call from the company where he applied, but a co-worker of his, did. So we shall see... We're still considering other states.

Marie--we do love Hobbit Cottage, but Tom's plant is shutting down and so it's like the perfect time to consider another job (or plan) in a different state.

We're both feeling that it's time to leave the Buffalo area after being here 20 years. We strongly feel within our hearts God is saying move out of state.

We're really ok with that, especially since each winter we worry more about Tom slipping in the snow, plus property taxes are incredibly high here and it's not a great place to retire.

So currently he's looking for jobs in states where it snows much less than here and we're excited about the possibilities and living in a new-to-us area where we will see and do new things.

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

A description of a dining room in a house ad means to me besides the dining table and chairs... yea!!! a place for a nice book shelf down stairs!!! Or an place for an extra pull out couch for a visitors. !! The house you showed said it had a sun room too!!! WOW! Looks like this one has a front porch!! Wood stove!So many extras!!! :) {{ We can dream can't we? }} Now though I will love where I am. That is where God has put me. :-) If I were to buy again I would hopefully look more carefully and avoid some problems and provide for some needs we didn't then. Ya always live and learn don't ya? :) Sarah

Judy said...

Oh, Virginia! I've fallen in love with it from all of my Civil War reading.
I'm hoping to slip away with my youngest son some year and visit all the Civil War hot-spots. Well, maybe not ALL of them, but enough.