Monday, February 18, 2013

I Simply Can't Title This One :)

Ack! Yesterday I realized we may have to spend one more winter here. The reasons? Far too complicated/boring/iffy/changeable to list.

But you know? The moment I realized that possibility, a peace came over me, new grace, I suppose. And I knew I could handle staying here if this must be. Perhaps this was a deeper acceptance of God's will over mine. Perhaps.

Anyway... something which greatly helps in my considering one more long winter here? Buffalo gets lots of winter sunshine, is sometimes called the sunniest city of the northeast and even, some years, gets more sunshine than Orlando.

"Men love darkness rather than light. John 3:19" 

Well, not this 'man.' heh. I adore light. (And yes, I know what that verse really means.) 

For me, the sunshine now flooding our downstairs living room, dining room and kitchen makes those 19 paltry degrees outside appear (and even actually feel) twenty degrees warmer. Just pour lots of bright light through my windows and I'll be fine.


Like you, I've sometimes despised grocery shopping. 

But what I've noticed? I only hate it when I don't have scads of coupons in my hot little hand. Using coupons makes shopping feel like such a--dare I say it?--game. You read the sales flyer, match the sales with manufacturer coupons and if you can, match those to store coupons and then you win the prize! Free or cheap groceries and a stockpile at home where you go to shop when you run out of things.

So for all you fledgling coupon users out there who could use a bit inspiration right about now, here are some of my best deals lately:

Birds Eye Voila-- free
Gorton's Grilled Fillets-- $1.24
Wholly Guacamole - $1
8 oz. packages of cheese-- $1 each
3 Green Giant boxed vegetables-- free
One pork roast -- $1.99  (originally $7.49)
3 Del Monte fruit naturals -- free
2 dozen eggs -- .20 cents each
2 Ronzoni Delight pasta boxes-- .50 cents each
Earthbound Organic salad -- free

Too, I've not only been hearing about a 'Joseph Anointing' lately, but I've seen it in various people online, even amongst some Christian coupon bloggers. 

I'm very grateful to anyone, everyone, who in many and varied ways are helping us prepare for living life ready and unafraid in these Last Days. God gives us folks to help us--He always knows exactly what we need.


Psalm 37:37

Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is a future for the man of peace.


Tom's back is better today--thanks for your prayers!


Oh! Just now found these cottage decor ideas. Lovely!



Anonymous said...

I have noticed my hubby enjoying grocery shopping...when it involves coupons, sales, etc. And between us both we find more too, of course. Great shopping trip you had I say!!

Well, if you must winter one more year there, then you will find GOD sufficient to help you, no doubt. We are facing more vagabond times ourselves...right when it would make more sense to be someplace storing up...but hubby reminded me that just as in the first Exodus, Manna was given, we can also depend on that same FATHER to supply ALL our needs as well!!

I love the last quote of Joseph in the Bible (because my life has been so full of such situations...mostly at the hands of kin): 'YOU meant it to me for evil, but GOD meant it for good." One Rabbi we enjoy learning from so often tells us that EVERYTHING GOD allows into our lives is meant to bless us (maybe not now or anytime even in this life) but for sure our future life to come...and often even in this life. It has surely helped us get through some dark days, reminding each other of the words of Joseph and the Rabbi. We are so blessed to be able to hear so many good things online these days, at the touch of a fingertip!!
Blessings on your journey,
Elizabeth in VA for now...

Anonymous said...

Coupon shopping probably also gets you to try new things you might not have noticed the store actually carried!! :) I tend to shop with tunnel vision so have to make myself look around and see what else is there. Great buys Debra!! Glad to hear Tom's pain has eased. Now to KEEP it away. :) Boy there sure are a lot of "Joseph Anointing" listings in that link!!! I was thinking that the 'bad guys' could mimic the miracles and all that the real "Joseph Anointing" will do so we must be discerning on this too. Least staying there maybe another year you know the layout of the grocery games there etc and so it will be smooth sailing on shopping etc. You know God will have a place for you when it is time to move. When ever the time is right. Sarah

Bonnie said...

"A deeper acceptance of Gods will over mine.".....oh but that we *all* had that about everything! I hope that's what it is and that it continues.

You know, I don't like change, never have, so when you started talking about maybe moving again I thought.."All ready? They just got comfortable in Hobbit Cottage!" Then I realized it bothered *me* more than it bothered you. Hahaha....It's not as though we're real neighbors and I won't "see" you if you move again. So funny how our minds work.

I'm sorry about your cold weather but my Dad has always said the same long as the sun is shining he's okay. He only lives a couple miles from the house in which he was born 80 some years ago 50 miles south of you. He's content.

Great post, Debra.