Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday With a Ton of Links

1.) Oh dear. If you weren't convinced that non-Christians are watching us, well, most likely this news article will convince you that yes! they certainly are. Sigh.

Many times here I've told you Tom and I purposely leave good tips for restaurant servers (and others) and whew... I'm thankful we do. Not only lest we make God look bad (though that's huge), but because it's the right thing to do. Godly love is all about giving, and too, it's only through giving that we receive.

I'd write more about the above article, but I'm afraid I'd say too much, too heatedly. So moving on to the lighter side ...

2.) I'm rereading one of my all-time favorite humorous books, Forty Plus and Fancy Free by Emily Kimbrough. Perfect book for these snowy afternoons, for it zips me away on a sunny Italy vacation and returns me feeling refreshed. (A close to remarkable feat, I'd say.) Emily's a pro at using her self-deprecating sense of humor, making you feel that you know her, personally.

You'll find a delightful review of her book here.

And today (with my latest Swagbucks gift card) I bought her book, Now and Then, which sounds perfect, as well. has copies for just a penny.

3.) Great week at the supermarket for me! Here's what I got free when I combined sales and coupons--and in a couple instances--ecoupons from Savings Star:

2 bottles of Marie's yogurt ranch dressing. Regularly $3.29 each(!)
6 packages of Seafood Snackers (I used one package for crab pasta salad yesterday -- we loved it). Here's a recipe, but I used it only as a starting point and only used a tad of mayo and substituted my free Ranch dressing for the Italian.
4 Duncan Hines frosting creation starter packets

Other great deals:

Two dozen eggs for just .20 cents each (!)
4 boxes of Kashi cereal for only .99 cents each
8 packages of Wholly Guacamole (or here) for $1 each. Fortunately these freeze well as do the above Seafood Snackers.
2 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta .50 cents each.
8 cans of Hormel Chili for .45 cents each. I never use these singularly (too much salt that way), but rather, I mix one can with four cans of low sodium pinto/black beans and one can of tomatoes.)
6 Yoplait Simplait yogurt cups for .30 cents each (not my best deal on those, but ok).

4.) And lastly, here it is the first day of February already and I'm not feeling nearly as winter desperate weary as I have in some assorted past years. Probably for three reasons: 1.) My attitude about winter is better, 2.) Our winters are better (thank-you global warming! heh.) and 3.) Taking Vitamin D3 makes me feel a zillion times better. It's a wonderful wintertime substitute for sunshine.

In fact, last week I told Tom that, generally, I now feel better physically and in all ways, really, than I did while in my 20's. The getting to this place was rough at times (God is no easy teacher who lets you get away with stuff), but oh, it's so worth it. The letting go of hurts, slights, offences... the learning the whys of forgiveness... the reprogramming myself to receive instead of forcing things ... the searching for personalized nutritional tricks and remedies... and getting to the place where Jesus is always on my mind.

(You know, as Willy would sing, "You were always on my mind. You were always on my mind.")  :)

I've found no better way to live and I'm thinking, for me, there isn't any. And I am absolutely fine with that.

Over and out.


"You will keep him in perfect peace who's mind is stayed on you because he trusts in You."  ... Isaiah 26:3



Terra said...

Debra, thanks for the reading tip; I adore humorous books and will find a copy. I recommend "The Code of the Woosters" by P.G. Wodehouse which really tickled my funny bone. Congrats on all your bargains and on coping better with winter too.

Anonymous said...

Receiving...whatever GOD passes our way...good plan, Debra!! Always.
Elizabeth in VA

Anonymous said...

PS...thanks for the links...always appreciate those!!
Elizabeth in VA

Anonymous said...

I am thinking too that you haven't been able to have a good size vegetable garden at Hobbit Cottage but God has certainly provided many veggies and other delights for your menus anyway!!!!!! And through your information to all of us many others pantries will be fuller too! Oh and I am enjoying looking up movies on plugged in and many other hints you have sent our way. I am in S. I am wondering if Vit D3 would help me? I know you are not a doctor or a nutritionalist but I am out in the yard or garden daily all year. I've just been wondering with all our sunshine here..... So glad our spirits are up {in many ways :) } Sarah