Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Decluttering. More Personal Growth.

Oh wow. Somehow Grace must have sprinkled some Happy Dust (or something) over me because I'm still loving that Get Rid of 10 Things Everyday game. It's fun, invigorating. Freeing, certainly. 

Now, have I been faithful to play every single day since January 1st as my resolution stated? Nah, I've taken at least three days off. 

But you know? I'm certainly not going to condemn myself for that because 1.) I no longer do condemnation. It's a major time and life waster and 2.) That still means, in just 13 days, I've gotten rid of (or have set aside to be hauled away) approximately 130 items. I'm still that much farther ahead than I would have been had I not made a resolution.


When we moved from the farm, Tom and I released hundreds of things. I was ruthless--or so I thought.  But here in a different house and a 17-months-older me, I'm able to release more--more dvd's, books, frames, clothes, trinkets, dishes, paper stuff and etc.

So I played the game again this afternoon and after some doubtful decluttering of dvd's (will I regret this decision some dark night when I'm in the mood to watch this and it's not instantly at Netflix, either?), I found that Kim had posted this at Facebook:

Keep or Toss: Questions and Tips to Help You Declutter

A resolve helper, indeed, especially with their questions like this one:

"Would I keep this if I were to move? In other words, would it be worth packing up, carrying around, and unpacking in a new space?"

 Uh, oh... busted! I'd told myself repeatedly, "We still have room for this now, but when we move, I'll be able to easily let it go then." Hmm... should I really keep something I'll so easily fling to the wind in a couple years?

Probably not. 

Who knows? Perhaps if I let it go now, room will be made for new blessings for this newer person I'm becoming here. Not just physical blessings, either--not more stuff--but maybe other gifts like feeling even freer, happier and more grateful than I've felt lately. A noticeable change happened this past month and perhaps some letting go of stuff--making some new uncluttered space--would help me become, well, even more... more able to accept the silences, to hear helpful things and to grow further. And more likely to wisely use my time so that I'll fulfill another goal--to be prepared for anything 2013 may shove at me. 

Perhaps tossing items our old selves loved, going deeper in our decluttering, can and does add to personal growth-- maybe clearing pathways for God to go deeper within us. Maybe the joy comes from obedience, who knows? 

All I know is that--so far--the deep decluttering process has felt amazing, productive and as though Grace is flinging around that Happy Dust all over the place.


How good to crawl out of our own self-made ruts and run free in the sunlight!


Yay! Finally the movie, Housekeeping, is on dvd. I've waited literally years, but I've been grateful for my much-used, decomposing video version. I told you about it here.

I'll be able to throw away my fat video and replace it with a skinny dvd, thanks partially to Swagbucks who gave me a new gift card today (get the coupons from Swagbucks and you'll earn ten points each time you use a coupon at your store. Four-hundred-fifty points equals a $5 gift card. There are many daily ways to earn gift cards there.). Also, I'll soon earn another gift card from Savingstar. Love those places.


Oh! I bought 4 Duncan Hines cake mixes today for just .25 cents each. And okay... not health food! But nice to have around for company dinners.

Find coupons for the cake mixes (signature red velvet flavor only) here. You can print two coupons per computer. (My upstairs computer finally began printing coupons again after months of not doing so. My, my, my.... Color me ecstatic!)



K.E. said...

I just went through my DVD's too! Might try to sell on Amazon or donate to library.

And today mailed two pottery bowls to a friend so they can enjoy them.

I love de-cluttering!

Debra said...

Yay, Kim! Sounds like Grace is over there throwing Happy Dust all over you, too! :) Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Well, we got rid of GOBS, in order to fit into the 10 by 20 storage unit (and a lot of that is the remainder of my fabric stash, etc). But these 3 months almost that we have been here with very little of that even, as this place is completely furnished, so we just brought along some projects,a few clothes, books, etc...we have not missed much of anything really. You would think we might miss the personal stuff, but so far not really. Amazing to us!!
Elizabeth now in VA

Anonymous said...

Since at best I have say 20 years left on this earth that has also helped me to not acquire and declutter. We have always loved to try to be as self sufficient as possible. Now thought when I think of taking on a new skill or a new book on a new to us skill I think...,probably not. Better to hone the ones we already do than to take on another. Time is better spent on other things. As our bodies are a bit less agile and a bit more ache as the years go on less to have to take care of too is a good thing too. Even getting rid of some of the things given or acquired by us as very special may not meet the test now. We ask all the children if they want them. If not then they can go. Go now while we are still here to do it and the burden is not on the kids.. They are under no obligation to keep anything THEY do not want. I am getting any medical information and all legal account numbers, phone numbers and any such things etc listed for all the kids to have. Anything and everything I think will help ease them is being listed. In a notebook for each. They already know where our notebook and will etc is already. Where things are and what they are and any medical issues etc. It is so freeing to know they know. Also we are asking them to keep asking us any questions they may want to know about ancestors or anything at all. Now when our minds are still working clearly.

You mentioned you may not have any grandchildren. If you want you can unofficially adopt some. When you live even miles and miles from our own grandchildren you can have the unofficially adopt ones close to your area. So many children have no grandparent or older people or ones close. With the families consent you can be it. Or you can adopt a whole family. Not to take anything away from our own family, but to help another and also to have fun with them. Pass on mentoring and such too...and baby sitting! :) Or if you miss your grandparents unofficially adopt a set or one of those! Rest homes or churches will be able to help you contact some or try an assisted living facility. Or look around the neighborhood. Why not? Just an idea. I know people that have done so passing on this idea as this was what other families did for them when their families were young. Sarah

Debra said...

Elizabeth--you've reminded me of how happy Tom and I were in our little apartment when we stored 2/3 of our belongings and didn't even miss them! It's great to simplify, isn't it? We can try new things and think new ways...

Sarah--yes, I've thought of the adopting grandkids, but I would only do it if God specifically asked me to.

There are so many wonderful things out there in this world to do, but if we do them only according to feeling we should, but with no specific direction from God, then that wonderful thing can turn into an unanointed nightmare. Been there, done that.

Right now God's got me so content and busy helping people in other areas, mostly with my writing, which is the gift He's wanting me to hone in and study so to get better at it. That, and other areas of encouragement.

I know it's hard for some people to believe this, but not everyone is meant to have grandchildren or work with kids or the elderly. Yet those same people can have amazing, God-led lives while helping other adults in totally different ways using different gifts He gave them. We all have a part to play and there are thousands of different parts...

Thanks for commenting, Ladies! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

To everything there is a season... and mothering our daughters is one season but having the little grands around later is absolutely a Different Season. Where I had the strength and such I don't have it now. I enjoy being around them but Having them for a whole day...well that is a different story! :-) Totally understand and if I did not get grandchildren that would be totally ok with me too. That decision was the couples. Actually some of ours don't have any. Yes you need the Right direction before you should embark on any project. Just thought I would pass on the information. I know the people I got the idea from did have grace to do it. That is no doubt why it worked and works out so beautifully for them. :)

I like the movie Housekeeping but had never read the book. I saw a used copy tonight and picked it up. Good to hear the movie is finally on DVD. I watched the movie The Church from Netflix delivery.
The writer and director said it was to be a series. it was to be a counter balance for 7th Heaven as it told the real message of Christ. Totally Christian, not a general Christian feel they felt 7th Heaven had. I checked around the net but so far cannot find out if they ever did more for the series other than the first episode. Enjoy your weekend... Sarah

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Another connection! I have the quirky movie, Housekeeping, myself, too! I bought it because I absolutely love the movie, Local Hero, and I believe the same director made both.

Debra said...

Sarah and Julie--how fun to find others who also enjoy the movie, Housekeeping! It's such a quirky film and it's been quite awhile since it was made so it's rare that I find anyone who's even heard of it. Thanks for letting me know you also like it! Blessings, Debra