Monday, December 31, 2012

An Inspiring Field Trip

Oh! Today I will direct you over to a scary, but inspiring post!

Wow. Such powerful words.

They even inspired me to let go of more stuff, in fact, to stop procrastinating the Flylady thing, you know, where you get rid of ten things each day. This New Year's Eve is a perfect time to begin decluttering that way.

But then, anytime is wonderful for letting go of what we don't truly need... and reminding ourselves of what matters.

Anyway, I'll let you go now to Stephanie's post. And again,well, wow. Just wow.



Terra said...

I will head over to read the post now. Decluttering is always good!

K.E. said...

That is scary The same thing happened to my neighbor across the street. She's been out of her house for over a year having it completely gutted and rebuilt.

I recently came across a movement (not sure what you would call it) called 33. That is the total number of clothes, shoes, acessories, etc. that one maintains.
An interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Stephanie's post. Very awful to have to go through this...the loss of the books, quilts, etc especially! Hubby say on TV or internet one recently that bedbugs are even now in library when we get used books esp., we best examine them well!! Another curse that seems to be getting worse with time. Last house we lived in before this apt had mold...we got rid of quite a bit, but I am wondering if it was enough....sigh.
Elizabeth in VA now

K.E. said...

That's Project 333, not 33. Here's the link: