Friday, August 31, 2012

The Changing Faces of Love

My, my... Aren't I becoming quite the spotty blogger?!

My excuse? It is summer, after all.

Naomi arrived here safely (though having been bitten by possibly a brown recluse last week...ack!)  and what a delight to have her in our home again. There's such a comfortable joy in doing little things around the house when there's a 'child' there, no matter if that child be all grown-up. Anytime we do things so that others will find joy, the joy bounces back to us and I've been reminded of all those years Naomi lived with us and I wanted to make things cozy, whimsical and memorable for her growing-up years.

In fact, I'm thinking that's a major reason many moms 'lose it' when their children leave home--it's the loss of those delightful nesting opportunities, the stepping outside of our me-me-me-ness and doing for others ... and the happiness thereof.

But of course, the giving need not stop at all, but rather, it does require acceptance of change. A finding of new ways to delight others, such as a spouse or friends or neighbors or online friends, also. (I'm reminded of all the happy grandparents I know, too... they in their selfless giving to their grandchildren.) 

And I thought today that perhaps that's a reason why I enjoy sharing stories and photos from my house, my life--maybe those are the different ways I've found to fill the gap of Naomi's leaving. The giving of myself to you keeps me from the dreadful what-about-meeee's? so prevalent in Today's world.

When it's all about us, there will be a nagging discomfort, a questioning uneasiness because God never intended that we live to please just ourselves or even our "just us four and no more" families. No, God and His world are way too big for that. Love, the Greatest Thing, longs to flood, spill and even burst from our tiny hearts, our small homes.

Love loves to share and finds its sweetest rhythms there in the giving. And only when we flow along with Love, splash others within it, will we find a daily kind of happiness no matter what's going on... and no matter with whom we are sharing.


"But the greatest of these is love..."

"Love never fails..."

"Consider others more highly than yourselves..."

"Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friends..."



Bonnie said...

Oh, yes. It always feels better to do for others.

Faith, Hope, Love. And the greatest of these is love. It frames my license plate. Love it.

Enjoy Naomi. : )

Terra said...

We moms do love to give and share, and receive a lot in return.

Anonymous said...

As a family expands, children marry, grandchildren come, love can need to take different forms one has never even seen before. Life seems to be for learning and that seems to go on until we leave it. Never entered my mind years ago, that life would become more and more complicated with age...well, there are some ways now it is becoming less so, and that is part of retirement. So always change, always adaptation needed. So grateful our REAL FATHER helps us with them all!!
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Silly but I found it exciting thinking myself of Naomi was coming home. You a spotty blogger...never. You Should take time out now to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy you three being together. I remember the times we got to travel to be with my parents... the joy of finally arriving and naturally the pain of leaving them again. It was such a blessing to be able to be together. Together...what a wonderful word. Sarah

Robin in New Jersey said...

I *love* it when my grown children come home to visit. I miss them. Two have been gone for 5 years, the other one for 2 years. I am SO thankful I still have 4 here to keep me busy, keep me on my toes and keep me laughing!

ENJOY your visit with Naomi! But, then, I know you, and I KNOW you will have a great time.